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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time really heal all wounds

I thought I would feel sad, angry or at least hurt. I don't. I was disappointed. If he thinks that what he is giving us is really a lot, I pity him for his naive-ness. Just do some light calculation, RM5 per kid, three kids, RM15 right? There's 365 days in a year and for 13 years already. Do this simple calculation. And for God's sake, I am estimating this at its minimum. Does raising up a child cost merely RM5? Perhaps 30 or 40 years back.

Our studies, our education, our welfare. Is it merely RM5 a day? I am glad I have a mother who is as strong as a bull who raised us up herself and never once because of lack of money, neglect our studies. In fact, we probably attended more tuition classes any rich man's daughter would. If I do not have this bull mum, I might end up not able to continue my studies and just take up any job that came my way. Of course life is not a bed of roses. I have a stronger than a bull mum with a temper probably worst than a bull. =P Nevertheless, I love her. As for the other person, I have nothing much to say anymore. I am just disappointed. Enough said. I'm so tired of expecting too much from him. The respect, the love. Its normal for human to do mistakes but there's a limit to everything. And the limit to my patience? Its almost zero.

I have been away from all these problems way too much. I choose to ignore, I choose not to know too much because I know that the effect of knowing too much is suffering just as much. I began to listen more now cause I thought that so many years had passed. Definitely something improved. I am too tired of listening to empty promises. From now onwards, I am so out of this whole thing. Don't ask me, don't tell me and DON'T MAKE PROMISES TO ME!!! I don't care anymore.


Micro was alright. More to the theory part which is good cause I love theory parts. I still got the hand shiver like mad syndrome cause I do not have enough time to complete everything. I am glad the paper I am usually good at is over. Macro is not my strong subject but I hope I do okay for it because I want A. I am going to continue studying later. Wish me luck.

On the side note, there is this one girl that not much people in my circle of friends like. I don't know why. I am neutral to her cause I don't know her. Anyway, with full respect, I am going to salute her cause she did not wait for her boyfriend to get her the chair. Even when the boyfriend go and get it with her, she carry her own. And she went to get the chair with the boyfriend running to her behind her. Meaning she did not even wait for the boyfriend. I really respect her for this. =)

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