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Saturday, December 01, 2007

STPM is NOT over

What was I even thinking? I have not been able to put anything into my head for two days. Two whole freaking days and I only got so little in my head. I am so gonna fail my Accounts. I don't know la. It seems like everyone feels so de-motivated now and keep thinking of going back. Seriously.

Last few days feel nothing la. Just keep thinking of how to enjoy after the whole exam. I am so so so dead meat. And I am going out for dinner later. How now? Sei erm sei?? Accounts, bye bye. Sorry Mr. Koay.

Anyway, the man is BACK! Remember the creepy guy? Click here. He was there again yesterday and he asked if we know how to answer. Seriously people. Tell me. DO I LOOK THAT BODOH? Why keep asking us? I very stupid meh my face? Like everyone there will definitely know how to do their papers except us. So creepy can? I so so so scared, I dare not even lift my head while answering. Shan and Win lagi teruk, did not even help out. They kept quiet and I had to answer. I don't know la. If that person is just plain friendly, I am sorry. I am terrified. =(

One more week and I am so out of PBA. I will try not to go there study until I look smarter or he forgets me. Or better still, he stop going there. I don't think I can change how I look. =S

1 comment:

Dragon said...

wakakakaka, i think a bit crazy liao eh...... ignore him la... if not later follow u...

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