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Monday, November 26, 2007

5 Reasons to bring your boyfriend to study

Especially if you are going to places like library or PBA (Penang Buddhist Association)

1. To carry chair for you/ To find places for you to sit
There are people standing there waiting for their boyfriend to finish packing and carry her chair. I wonder if she is handicap or something. -.- She just stood there waiting.

No one will kidnap you before Christmas. Don't worry.

2. To accompany you to toilet.
I've seen girls who go to toilet a lot and the boyfriend will always follow and wait for her. One of the reasons might be that she is sitting at another corner which is quite far from the toilet. But I think people won't kidnap her lor.

3. To carry your books.
Carry chair already, come back, carry books. Kuli ker?

4. To drive you to and fro.
Private driver. Drive you there, carry your books then your chair. Walao.. You ngan ngan kiok (shake legs) wait can already. Take care of your long long hair.

5. To bring you go lunch.
Transportation also lar. Hungry already? 11.30 a.m only wor? Nevermind, go eat. Later can have snack some more. So fun. Study at PBA with boyfriend sure more fun than study at home.

I not green eye hor. Cuma at times cannot tolerate such behavior. As if she cannot carry her own books and chair. Need the boyfriend to do it even when the boyfriend has not cleared his stuff. So pah pai.


Dragon said...

hahaha.... u r not one of them ka? hahahahahaha.

Mrs Chong said...

I tarak boyfriend. I not so useless yet.

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