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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I had an expensive celebration.

All thanks to my expensive cravings for sushi lar. I went looking for it on Tuesday, then Wednesday. Both day also to no avail. The sushi lady that I enjoy buying from at the Pulau Tikus Market was off. The sushi cost me RM1 for one piece. -.- Today, after Macro paper, I went to Prangin Mall with my mum, sis and aunt. And of course, we had sushi for dinner. Not cheap lo.

Prangin Mall= Shopping Complex
Shopping Complex= shopping
Shopping = Money
Just finished a paper= Double spending
About to go on a holiday= Triple spending

Money really not enough ah. Mum and I got our walking shoes for New Zealand. Then I bought a long pants. Then we walk here walk there, I found a bag I like. Buy. Saw Barney, bought for Brian boy. All on mum. I am such a bad girl. I buy so many things. Not with my own money. Felt so guilty. But I really really really like that bag. I've wanted one like that for a long long time. Whereas the shoe, I will return mum. And the pants, heee, mum buy for me la.

This will be my post-STPM celebration which I celebrate earlier. So how should I put it? Pre-post-STPM celebration? Something like that. No, I've not finished my paper. Two more next week. =) Accounts.

Then I should pack my bags and hop on to the plane, hopefully the right one cause this will be my first time, to go NZ where all the milks and cows and sheeps and green fields are. I promise I will take pictures of many many cows like those models in Fernleaf ad. Hoi, human in ad, we call models, cow also call models lar. Anyway, I hope the cows there are pretty like those models too. I hope those cows in the ad are like normal cows and not selected ones for the ad. You know how they choose exceptionally pretty, thin and stunning looking models for human? I hope that don't apply on cows because I really really want to see those beautiful cows and sheeps.

I'll blog, I'll blog. I couldn't keep my hands off the laptop keyboard. And I hope I am able to announce something very very exciting soon. Cross fingers and bless everyone who is taking exams. All sorts of exams. =)

Oh ya, Macro was alright. But I am not that sure lar. I really hope I can get A for it though. But I shall not pressure myself like that. The questions, I read before already okay? I read the whole Q&A book which I think all STPM takers who are taking Econs in future should have. There are about 4 to 5 questions familiar to me. Too bad I couldn't really remember. Or I would have scored A for it, hands down. Hope lady luck is with me and will be with me until the result is out. Let all the examiners have a wonderful time with the family, be all happy and chirpy and leave their grumpiness until they finish marking our paper. PLEASE......... Oh, and please, make them be so happy, they smile while marking our paper but please don't give zero. Don't too happy until no mood mark, cin cai give terrible marks ok? Happy marks, anytime.

And oh by the way, I just want to clarify that I do understand the person in the previous blog post's feeling. I was just really tired and pissed. But I understand and I really really wish not to be to involve in this whole thing. You may think that I am such a brat who refuse to take any sufferings, I don't care. I just think that I would be happier that way and I really really need to feel happy bout myself. I am old enough to know what is right and what is wrong. I hope he is not too hurt about it but I really hope he read the post, understand and not take it wrongly. In fact, I don't know what to say. I am speechless.

7 more days. I can see freedom at the end of the road.


welovepenang said...

good luck for your coming paper and hope u can enjoy ur trip as wel..

NZ is my dream place to visit.. u are so lucky to have that in ur plan....

anyway... this is the longest blog post that i able to finish reading so far... hihi....

Mrs Chong said...

thanks...Yea...lucky me that I have a blardy smart sister. Lol...She grad, I holiday. =P She study susah susah...hehehee..

hope my lengthy post don't bore you. =)

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