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Monday, November 12, 2007

A traumatizing experience in PBA

Why is it that I meet so many creepy people? I am afraid of creepy people. They make me shiver and got my blood drained from my body. Blood shot up to my face and head area and I blushed!! Not of shyness but of fears. It all happened at one beautiful afternoon at PBA (not the bekalan air. It's Buddhist Association.)

It was a beautiful warm afternoon and we were dying happy studying our books. One more week to STPM examination and we were all busy studying. Out of a sudden, a guy walked to our table. We ignored him at first but suddenly he began to talk to us.

He: Eh, doing Maths ah? *looking at Cheng Ling* English or B.M one?
CL: Hrm? Yea.
He: You know how to do or not? Come I teach you. *walking nearer* You college or SPM?
CL: Huh?
Me: We are STPM students
He: Oh, STPM ah? Come, let me see. Oh, this one ah? So easy only. Substitute only. They even gave you the formulas.

CL: Err.... Ya.

He: You know how to do or not? If you don't know I can teach you.
CL: I know.
(We are trying hard not to laugh.)

He: Oh ok. I am going to Dewan. *starts walking away a little bit*
CL: *couldn't control. Started laughing* (bad move)
He: You know how to do or not one? Come la, if you don't know, I can teach you.

CL: I know. I know.
Me: *whisper* Don't laugh la. He will walk back again later. Control!!!!!
He: I want to go Dewan. I want to pinjam all STPM books. I want to take my STPM again.
Me: Har? *couldn't control my laughter.* (blardy bad move again)

He: What you reading? P.A ah?

Me: Har? No la. Economics. *flip book a bit*

He: Come show me the cover.

Me: Oh? *flips to the cover*
He: Oh, Macroeconomi. You know how to read ah?

Me: Yes.

He: Come, flip the book again. I want to see the cover again.

Me: Ok. *flip reluctantly. Kacau la.*

He: Oh, I want to go to Dewan now. I want to pinjam the STPM book and take STPM again. You know how to do or not? *looks at CL*
CL: Yes.

He: You all what school? *starts saying all those schools that we don't know*

Me: No, no. SGGS. *smack my head 10 times for being so stupid to tell*

He: SGGS? Ok la. I got to go. *walks off*

*I hope he doesn't know SGGS*
(We started laughing uncontrollably.)

I was shivering already okay? And to add salt to the wound, the boy sitting at the opposite table was looking at us with wide eyes and laughing at our reactions because he was shocked of what happened too. What can we do? We were so scared okay? Why us? So many people there. Swee Win asked me is it that we have the super bodoh look or something. Why asking us? Or maybe because we were the only girls without guys accompanying us to study.

Swee Win and Shan Shan were not attacked because they sit beside us which is the inner side of the side of table. Besides. Swee Win don't even know what he is talking. He spoke in Mandarin.

It is ok that he wants to retake STPM. I should not be laughing at him. But he is blardy 30+ to 40 and he was holding two packet of cigarette. I doubt that he really wants to retake STPM lo. But I strongly believe that he is somewhat educated. He can read the words in our papers very clearly. But, STPM taker-to-be? I doubt. Besides, you don't blardy go scare people like that when they are studying!!!

On the side note, we had fun in Mahindharma getting blessed by the Buddhas. We met many ex-tuition friends and yes, familiar faces everywhere. PBA people, ex-tuition mates, Friendster people, people we've seen before but don't know, school mates, buddies. I am happy. =) Besides, I felt so blessed now. I hope I can get through all this confidently. Wish me luck. =)

Exam table as follows.

19 Nov-Pengajian Am 1- 8.00am-10.00am

20 Nov-Pengajian Am 2- 2.00-5.00pm

22 Nov-Mathematics S 1- 2.00-5.00pm

27 Nov-Mathematics S2- 8.00-11.00am

28 Nov-Economy 1- 8.00-11.00am

29 Nov-Economy 2- 2.00-5.00pm

4 Dec-Accounts 1- 8.00-11.00am

5 Dec-Accounts 2- 2.00-5.00pm

6 Dec- In the plane to see Pao!!!!!!!

Less than one month to go. I can do it!!!

Copied from Shan's blog. =P Please give me higher dosage of blessings. I need a lot a lot. Keep me in your prayers. Before you eat, before you sleep, when you wake, when you pray, anytime. Keep me in. Thanks.


Wickedsa said...

that guy is really really weird...
he is very weird...

Anonymous said...

i agree!!!!! scary...

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