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Friday, November 02, 2007

I signed up for PPP!!!!

Long long time ago. =P Being the lazy ass me, I did not post anything. My sister was talking about PPP to me and I decided to resume this money earning activity. We are basically broke now because we just bought a new house and as we all know, buy house means spending money and the money spent is a lot. Furthermore my sister is pretty free now and decided to earn some money blogging. I've seen many successful blogger earning money through blogging and I was thinking, perhaps one day, I can be one of them. It will definitely help me in making my journalism dream come true because money has a very huge effect of people, trust me, they do. =P In addition to that, my Nuffnang and Adverlets can only buy me a bowl of Hokkien Mee and a plate of Chicken Rice. I have to do something about it!!

Besides, I am growing older and I do think it will be a very memorable thing to be able to earn my very first ringgit on my own through something I am not that bad at, writing. I can not only practise my writing, I can even earn money. Why not? I've got to know a lot of bloggers who does PPP as well and I am very look forward to learn more from them.

Besides, PPP do bring me to look at other people's blog and thus, makes me read more which is very very helpful when I am hoping to be a writer one day. Earning money is fun, but I am hoping to make writing even more fun. Right now, I am more exposed to new things especially when I visit those advertisers' websites. It amaze me that there are many many things out there that I do not know of.

There's a lot of internet addicts right now and I think why not spend some time earning some money to pay for your addictions to games and internet? Internet is not just to play games. =) This year, for MUET exam, there is a question about how Internet is a bad influence and no doubt, we always choose to say things like waste of money, time and addictions that cause lack of concentration for studies and leads to hazardous lifestyle. Now, one more point for the benefits of Internet- to make money and improve typing skills. =)

blog ethics is another thing we can benefit from.


Dragon said...

hahaha....... PPP...... hahahahaha.............

David (AKK) said...

Happy earning $$$ :)

Joe Lim said...

Good to learn to earn money

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