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Thursday, November 01, 2007


People say high school friends are the best. I cannot deny this. No matter how hard I want to (actually, I don't) but I met the coolest friends in my high school life. I do not belong to the popular and smart and rich group but I have my circle of friends that I will never forget in my entire life. No matter how I met new friends, I realize, all my friends are unique. They stand in different places in my heart. They play different roles in my life that none of them can replace one another.

Its like a big big family where we play different roles. We can never overlap each other's work. Instead, we assist each other, we make sure everything is right. There is no one replacing another. It feels wrong when one is not there and I am blessed to be accepted into their group, their family in school. Who cares if I am not famous? The people I need were and still are with me throughout my entire school life. All those "ponteng", extra-activities, deadly assemblies, leg-killing cross country, they are with me. All the way. I know why I did not cry in Majlis Mohon Restu, because I am so convinced, no matter what life brings me, I'll never drift apart from my buddies, from the people who made me who I am today. Emmoes that I am still very much close to showed me that this will work. We will see each other, keep each other updated and still be as happy and excited with lots of gossip when we meet one day.

The incredible people I know in Form 6

The wonderful people I fought with, argued and still my friends since Form 3. Some as early as Form 1.

The people who knows me inside out. Sometimes, even more than what my family knows bout me.

I just have to put this up because apparently, our baby Jas Lyn who turned 4 3/4 years old (read: Her birthday is on 29th Feb) was not in any of the above picture

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