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Sunday, November 18, 2007

The battle has begun

So it is understandable if I don't update. Check back on 5th. I will update on 5th before I leave on 6th. I am going into the gruesome battlefield. I will fight our enemy, the papers. Whether we win or not, this is an unavoidable battle. Right after the paper, I can celebrate immediately. Please, bring me out to dinner my lovely big sis. We can go over to the new house for a look if we manage to pack our bags earlier. Please. Celebrate for me. I will be strong this time. I will not fall like when I was in Form5. I will try my best. Ch'ng Ping Ping is not a loser!!!

On the side note, while I am not a loser, Cheng Ling is a warrior and Shan Shan is a superwoman. Cheng Ling accidentally killed a rat in PBA toilet just the other day. That black creature with long tail was in the toilet with Cheng Ling. I would have died in there but Cheng Ling fought with it. She screamed, shouted, splashed water and in the end came out, unhurt, just that she shivered badly. But she is a warrior now. Apparently we should never rebut toilet with friends. =P Shan is the superwoman cause she helped Cheng Ling to get the kayu to open the toilet door. I was outside of the entire toilet, not only the cubicle okay? No la, I was taking care of their handphones. Oh yes, I was.

Second sis has been calling back a lot. Every other day I think. =P Poor girl, bored there. I am not any better. I am so suffocated with so many facts and worries. Like it or not, this is my battle. I have to fight this alone. Alongside with other exam students but hell, their results are not going to be in my slip and their result will not to affect mine. If only I can get all the smart asses's marks in my paper. Still, I should do this. So meaningful. I should not be blogging. I am still lost in P.A. I don't know why I cannot remember those facts. Too many perhaps. And the exercise book I bought does not help. It has the most peculiar and unexpected questions ever. I have never seen certain term or facts in textbook but at least I learn more. Its okay if I got it wrong, as long as I can read back later with the answers and remember. Its the STPM paper that matters isn't it?

Thinking too much has been like my trademark. I will think of what if I can't answer at all? What if I sit there not knowing what to do? What if the essay questions turned out to be something I don't know? Right now, I wish I can convince myself that whatever will be, will be. I've put in my effort, might not be the best because I am the most indiscipline person on earth. But I did. I hope it pays off.

To all exam students, be it SPM or STPM. This is our battlefield!!!! Let's fight!!!!! I'll be back!! =P

See you all. =) I'll be back, stronger, wiser and errrr hopefully, smarter. Blood will spill!!!!!! Pen ink will dry up. Seriously, they will. With my writing, apatah lagi? Reminder, keep me in your prayers.

When I am stressed, I will get funny dreams. Just the other day I dreamt that someone wanted to kill me and I ran and ran and ran in my dreams. Made me tired when I wake up. Then today, I dreamt that we are all graduates or something now and that we were waiting for people to call our names to get up the stage. The funny thing is, I heard the person calling Chan Zhu May. Zhu May is my friend but she is not taking Form 6 wor. But she sat beside me. Weird. It was then when I woke up and realized it was a dream. I am sure you are thinking why do I dream about Zhu May? Its all the committee at my housing area's fault la. They were having this blood test campaign since the pilihan raya coming. They were calling names with microphones. That explain why I dreamt someone calling people's name to go to the stage. Another thing is that he was calling the C names, the Chans. =S No wonder.

Then they had singing session where a kid, I assume from her voice, singing Ni Shi Wo Xin Nei De Yi Shou Ge by Selina and Lee Hom, and Beautiful Girl by Sean something. The blood test was from 9-11 but their singing session lasted until 1. :-s So noisy. Da Mei Ren ask me to call triple 9 to report that someone is screaming his lungs out at the playground. Lol. Spoil her beauty sleep. I will have to go eat my P.A books now. =) I might not have time to remind everyone to buy me Xmas presents. I will update my Xmas wishlist pretty soon. Look out for it. =)


Dragon said...

good luck in your exam!

reddaisie said...

hey girl..
kesian er mei ren hor?? so bored...but u know wat?? i won't be bored anymore...coz i am finally getting out of Dunedin...
Going to chch tmrw then off to auckland for a church camp..
it sure burnt a hole in my pocket but...i guess it's worth it...coz i passed my exams...which means..i will be leaving NZ for good in 3 weeks' time...
so...just go and enjoy la....$$ spent can be earned back ma..
All the best for ur exams...and i shall enjoy myself in chch and auckland...
see ya soon in all ur ticktes etc sorted...
love u...can't wait to see u..then we go shopping!!!