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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

To cry or to laugh?

I really don't know. Anyway, suddenly 'he' got girlfriend already. I was online the other day and I saw 'him' logged in. I said hie and after hi-ing and stuff, that other person say she is 'his' girlfriend. I was like, "Oh, hie." And she went telling me she is just checking 'his' mail and stuff. So I said, "Ok." Then I asked her why she was not in bed yet cause it was pretty late and she said she is leaving and puff, she offlined.

Walau, tell me for what? That she is 'his' girlfriend. I was too busy playing scrabble with Shan on Facebook, I couldn't care less. Of course it did hit me hard at night but well, people moves on. Its pretty normal isn't it? If I am still 'his' friend, I probably will get an invitation to 'his' wedding. That is if 'he' really make it a big one la. If not, call me for what? To go makan ah? I no money give big ang pow leh. Anyway, don't know what to do when I encounter such thing. I only can say hi, oh and ok. I think a lot one. I was thinking if I was over excited and she tell 'him' that, he probably think I am so freaking out and was trying to hide it. Then if I don't want to talk to her, 'he' probably think I am jealous or was eating my heart out. So, I had to say a little bit. I was busy playing scrabble ma. My sis joined in the fun and we started creating stupid words.

But yes, it was fun playing scrabble in facebook. They have these weird words like "Haj, Haji, Bah" in there which is a VALID word but there's no guli. HOW CAN? Not fair right? Some more there's no guma or any other lame words I keyed in. There's no IQ, EQ either. Not fair right? Q got 10 marks okay? How come all those Haji, haj is valid leh?? Everyone should join facebook and we can play poker, scrabble and other stuff together. Syok.

ps: Even blogspot is highlighting those words macam I spell wrongly. Where can valid like that? =P

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