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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wayton flat CNN.

This is going to be a post dedicated to my neighbor. She is a quite nice lady because she took care of my grandma although at times, reluctantly. She is a certified CNN in our area because it doesn't matter that she lives in block 3 and the incident happened in block 36. She will know it in few hours. I guess her CNN channel very wide. Easily to receive signal.

Raining? No worries. She is always there to tell everyone that its raining. She is in 6th floor but she can shout to 3rd floor, 9th floor. No problem. To be honest, you can only hear her voice whole day. I am talkative. I talk a lot but only when I want to. I can be very quiet and I am very quiet when I am at home alone or with my grandma because, well, I WANT TO. So basically, I can get dizzy with her voices everywhere. If I were to complain bout her, I probably won't finish today.

I wanted to blog about this because she came in just now and I was pretty pissed with her action. What do you do when you knock at people's door? You knock, call and then if people answers you, you wait right? She doesn't. People ask her to wait, she will wait, but she will continue knocking at the same time. At times, she knocks so hard, I thought my door will fall down and I don't have to open anymore because well, I can't close it right?

So this was what happened.
Knock knock knock knock knock *her hand cannot detect pain I guess*

Me: Tan chit eh.

Auntie: Ah Poh Ah Poh, Ah Poh ah. Ah Poh.
calling for my grandma

Me: ee kun liau
she fell asleep d

Auntie: Oh, wa buek hor ee cheng ji tua
I want to give her the list of winning numbers today

Me: Oh, tan chit eh.
wait har?

Auntie: Ah si ee kun tiok beh hiau kin. Kun hior? Kun tiok beh hiau kin
If she is sleeping then its okay. Sleep is it? If sleep already then nevermind.

Grandma wakes

Auntie: Ah Poh, lu ti kun hior? Kun tiok mien ki lai
Auntie, are you sleeping? If you are sleeping then no need to wake up.

Me: Beh hiau kin la. Hor lu jiang ka ceh liau *Shout until people wake d. =.=" *
Nevermind. Let you shout until wake already

Auntie: Ah si kun wa heh tua mui eh ui.
If sleep already I'll put it at the door.

Granny opens the door.

Auntie: continues talking loudly. =.=" Damn beh tahan her.

And you know what? SHE NEVER FREAKING LOCK THE DOOR WHEN SHE LEAVES OUR HOUSE. If she does that to her own house also, it is a least easier for us to forgive her. But she always lock her own door. She will open our door so that she can talk and look at her house at the same time. And she will walk to the kitchen to talk to my grandma with our door wide open. And then when she leaves, she never locks our door. And she bangs our door until I can feel it shaking you know?

Her house lock always spoil. The other day came and complain to my granny. Eng kai lor. Kena perli.

Granny : You always open close open close sure spoil lo.
She : The other day I dropped it.
Granny: No la. Not because you dropped it but because you always open and close the door all the time.
She: My son always go out then open close.
Granny: Mission accomplished. That auntie left. =P

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