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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Are all guys the same?

I will need guys' and girls' opinion on this. Just something I am curious about and I need to know. =P Just for the fun of it.

Are all guys the same? Do all guys have pictures of artiste or other girls (Asian looking porn stars) in bikini in their handphone? And those girls, including hot Jessica Alba will have like their bikini strap falling off their shoulder or their assets not fully covered. I cannot post a look-a-like picture here as it will attracts lots of attention, good or bad and I have my family reading this okay? =P

So tell me, is it normal to find this kind of things in a guy's handphone? Even if he has this blardy i'm-so-innocent face? I am still that conservative. I cannot imagine my close guy friends or my cousins doing those M thing and having this kind of pictures or magazine. I cannot!!!!



reddaisie said...

apa itu M thing?? of naked girls nia ma..
i also like to see girls in bikini...
admire their flat abs..long legs..etc etc...maybe guys also secretly want longer slimmer legs and flatter tummy dun accuse them of being pervert la...they just wanna be sexy and pretty like those girls...wakkakakkakka

Mrs Chong said...

hahahahaha....bukanlah...itu bikini damn tak cukup kain ok? =P
perhaps they want flat tummy and slim legs kua...even worst, so pondan one... =P

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