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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My dead MSN

Great. My MSN got attacked and now infected with virus. So, my MSN is dead and never ever accept things from people!!! It appeared as though my friend wanted to send something to me okay?? Together with the personal message okay?? It killed my MSN and if you are infected too, just close the whole thing. Keep selecting yes for the message that are popping up. Then delete ur MSN. Delete the whole thing and if you want to, reinstall. But mine, I am not reinstalling it anymore.


Joe Lim said...

Yes i also got those thing like your contact wanted to send you something...lucky i dare not received.

Anonymous said...

so I am the only stupid one yang pergi accept la???so sedihs... =(
Lain kali I apa pun tak accept. :'(

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