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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Talking to the experts

Today, someone said something and I was pretty upset because of what she said because what she said is the truth. I talked to some experts or those who are more experienced than me.

They are my classmates. Expert in what if you must ask. They are the experts or experienced ones with straightened hair. I was not very happy with the result of my straightened hair because I felt it was not straight enough as soon as I got back. To my horror, it got worst. My hair is almost like it was before I straightened it. Worst still, now my hair are tangled all the time and being the one who hates her hair tangled, I combed it a lot and well, lost a scary amount of hair. I was thinking that I am going to be hairless soon. But heh, my friend said it'll take a long time. Because my hair damn a lot. =P

Anyway, one of my classmate asked if I straightened my hair. I said yes and she told me she thought I just went for treatment because my hair doesn't look like I went for straightening at all. To rub salt into the wounds, my hair is not helping. It just has to curl here and there and makes me feel so uncomfortable because I have tangled hair. I hate tangled hair!!!Some of my friend turned a little too agressive tho.

To name a few, Ah Shan insisted that I demand them to re-do for me with NO CHARGES!!

Yi Lin asked me to put up a fight with them if they refuse to. Yes, that petite girl ask me to put up a fight. The roll up your sleeve, show your muscle flabby arms fight.

Niann Jia, one of my classmates who did her hair for RM300 at some cut throat saloon asked me to tell them that they have to re-do for me and add in free treatment.

o.O I will...hrm...erm....ahem....tell them my problem and work out the solution? I should keep these people's contact number in fingertips. Heh, tai ka che in disguise. =P
So basically, I agree to Ah Leng that my hair looks the same and I hope that I can make it look not the same after this second visit. =( RM150. So much of thinking for years and months to do it because its pricey.

I lost blardy miserably in the hair talk. Basically there's a few reason why my hair is not as straight as I thought it would be.

First is because I used to cut layer and I asked them to cut my hair thinner cause I got lots of hair. So, now that my hair is thinner and lighter, it is harder to let it straight. I can only wait for it to grow longer and stop cutting my hair thinner.

Next is my hair touches shoulder at certain length. Meaning the hair cukup-cukup the shoulder only. Therefore it will not be as straight. So, wait again for it to grow.

Then, I cannot compare my hair to my friends because different people have different hair. My hair belongs to the medium soft hair. So it is harder to be straight. Those with hard hair, it will be more long lasting. And my hair is not dry, just needed some conditioner and oil.

End of story. No re-straightening. No free treatment. No refund. But got a free hair wash with blow. Heee. Today no need wash hair. Luckily bath already only went down.

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