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Sunday, September 30, 2007

What to do?

Wahseh, today is the last day of September. I only had like 4 post in September. Shan, I guess I am not doing very well over here either. =P I blame the lack of posting on STPM trials and a lot of catching up to do before STPM. I guess my blog will berkulat over here until STPM is over and until I am back from NZ and until I siap pindah rumah. That's like a long way to go still. =P

I know I know. I got like so many post not written. First is the 988 party then the Hooi Shan's party. Those pictures I took from Ju-Yen's party I also not yet update. What can I do? All postpone la. Try my best to put it up cause one day, when I am so old, I can't go to the loo on my own*something I hope will never happen*, I want to come back here and read all these and then tell myself, "hey, I am so damn happening when I was young ok?" So yea yea. I'll start updating in October. Hopefully by tonight I can put up about the 988 party but without pictures first. Pictures updates must wait for Ju-Yen. Gotta go. Tata

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