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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Inside jokes

My eldest sis and I got heavy flu today. Both of us are pretty much half dead now. We took our medicines and I had to layan her because I rested in the afternoon whereas she did not. She complain having itchy eyes and I had to put some "ko eok" for her near her eyes. Near and not on. =)

Anyway, she asked for a plastic bag to throw her tissue papers. I passed her the plastic bag and told her not to suffocate herself when she is sleeping because people who are asleep do funny things. No?

Me: Eh, don't suffocate yourself with the plastic bag tonight okay?
Sis: Yaya.
Me: If not you have to change name liau. No more "Da Mei Ren" but become "Si Mei Ren"
Sis: =.=" curse me.

She claims that she is Da Mei Ren, second sis is Er Mei Ren, I am Xiao Mei Ren and mum is Lao Mei Ren. Our surname is Mei Ren. Name is Da, Er, Xiao and Lao. =.="

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Dragon said...

so funny..... happy family....