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Sunday, October 07, 2007

The House III

Today, I went to our house-to-be again. Once everything is done, we will have that house!!! I began to like that house more now. Its just the second time I am there though. I've decided to take some more pictures for my second sister to see and perhaps think of the decorations for our room-to-be.

Welcome to our room!! Second look, Not as small as I thought it was. =P

Our cupboard. Going to extend a little to fit our stuff.

Can we put our study table here? See the wall sticking out, that width?

Beside the wall sticking out, maybe bout a kotak from the table, we can put our bed.

The window. I was thinking perhaps we can extend the chair longer and we can sit there to read story books or relax

The way to the pool. That is Ms Loo. Her bag damn cool. I likey.

That is Kenny. They are walking to the pool.

The bathing area for those after swimming. I tak berani bathe there kut.

Walking down. There is pool. Che is walking to the BBQ pit area.

The BBQ pit. A bit rusty. But haih, we'll make do with that first.

The pool. I thought it was damn horrible. Not bad la. Nice also ma.

So that's all for the house today. I hope this house will be ours a.s.a.p. I kind of love it now. Feel so like my own house. =) I am a happy girl.

ps: I am falling in love with beatbox or Bbox. Like it a lot. So cool.

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