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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Things happened in television, can happen in real life too

Don't come shooting me with the 'fairy tales' don't happen okay? I am not talking about fairy tales. Remember the thing about Ah Long I once blogged? Yes, apart from that, I just learnt that the shows about major insects attack do happen too. Just probably not as exciting as the ones on the show where you look forward for the next plot coming up or something. More to the run-for-your-life and i-don't-wish-it-is-happening. You won't want to see when is the next attack when it happens. I learn this the hard way.

It was a lovely Saturday. We woke up slightly past 10 and decided to take our bath and meet our mum in town. So around 12 we left the house and met her. There was traffic jam every where. I guess it was because of the festive season coming up. So we changed our plan to go to another place to take our lunch. After ronda here and there, we finally decided to have our lunch near 8th row. I will update the place and the coffee shop when I find out the name. I was basically in shock to go take pictures and write down the name of the shop. Yes, still have not master the skills of being a blogger. That's why I am a lousy one.

Anyway, my sis got a huge red ant biting her leg on the way to go in. I was bitten too. We take our lunch and bought some pastry. Then we got ready to leave the coffee shop. When we got out there, mum and sis find something weird about the car. The car seem to be looking a lil more rustier than we left it there earlier. We walked nearer and we saw..........

Really huge one. We got bitten just by walking pass that area. I suppose the ants dropped from the tree because of the rain. We tried to remove the ants by splashing water on it. You think that'll work? No!!! So my sis had to drive off the wash her car before fetching us. Or we will bring in all the ants with us and have joyride terror ride with them. My grandma and I warned a guy not to park his car and he left. Sorry hah? Not planning to halau customer. So we waited for my sis to come back.
My sis got to the car wash center and the uncle washed her car. The uncle even got bitten. My sis claims that the ants can fly. Oh well. Anyway, I told her that my grandma said she can get into the car. -.- Sis said she got bitten by 5-6 ants although she practically jumped into the car. With my grandma's speed, she will bring in all the ants. Bad sis.
I got bitten by 3-4 ants, sis probably by 10 or more and grandma, a pathetic one who bit her on the butt. =P It was a horrible experience.
The moral of the story is
2. You can eat at that area but try not to park there. Park along the road. Its not worth it to risk your asses to park at that area.

*No pictures taken cause I was panicked okay?*

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