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Friday, October 26, 2007

My love on the 200th post

First of all, this is the 200th post and I just straightened my hair. So, er, xiong hei lam mun or something. Double Happiness. =)

I've got my love straightened. I smell good. The nutri-something they put on my hair smell real nice. It took me bout 3 hour plus to do it. Seriously, it looks like a hair I'll get after I blow dry or do the temporary rebonding with Annie's help. But since this is a permanent one, I am hoping to wake up with such good hair day every day.

I was not overly excited to see my new hair cause I've seen it before when Annie did my hair. At least now my head feels so soft and damn, I smell nice. =P Money fly away liau. So I better love my hair and take care of it properly.

Say nothing but "Wah, your hair so straight!!!!!!!!"

It is quite straight la. Not as bad as last time. I show you last time one pic.
Straightened by Annie. Temporary one.

Messy hair before any straightening.

By my eldest sis. =.=" Mum joined in the fun and answered her before we left for school


Dragon said...

hmmmm..... seems not much different one.. maybe the photo not that clear, u need to put both photos side by side for comparison. :)

Mrs Chong said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh....I was just recovering from being sad okay??? =( I also feel not straight enough. =( I want straight hair!!!!! Not straighter-than-earlier-a-bit hair!!!!!! Anyway, friends say my specs is making my hair looking less straight. Bah. Come, ajak me out and see for urself. =(

reddaisie said...

it's nice..
u dun have to worry about combing ur hair when u wake up d!!!
ey...straighten hair step wear contacts d ya!!!
yay!!!another mei nu is born!!!

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