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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You know the day is bad when

You choke on fish bone

and you saw ur enemy in your room, the lizard.

bad bad day.

and you've got nothing to post.


Ignorant, lame or what?

It has been raining since like 8.00 p.m and it was very heavy rain.

Like I say, Garfield and Odie rain (cats and dogs)

And I just heard a neighbor from next block say things like,

" Eh, lok hor la." (Eh, raining la)

So heavy okay?? Has been like an hour and a half, now only you found out? =.="

1 comment:

Dragon said...

me also nothing to post actually, but somehow, the cuti on msn thing pop up and i manage to write on that. hahaha.

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