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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I hate creepy people.

I am going to state here once and that's it. I am not discriminating anyone over here. If you were in my shoes, you would probably not get out of your house.

I have a neighbor, he stopped studying when he was in Form 2 I think. Then he went to Johore to work. Just two years ago, he came back, a little not so normal anymore. He started laughing to himself all the time. He also has this weird pervert look on his face. He doesn't want to work, sit at home all day long and gets money from his parents. They said its because he was overdosed with Ice and that he is depressed.

It is bad enough that he is relying on his parents, he keeps coming to our place to look for my elder sis. She is afraid of him because he keeps telling my sis that he wants to go out with her, or that he needs a friend or that he needs a girlfriend. My sister often had to hide when he knocks on our door.

Now, he even looks for me!!! I mean, what la, find me for what? I am the ugly duckling in the house, I should be safe from all these, shouldn't I? At least I can once be happy that I am less pretty. Its not that I am discriminating him because he is a bit not so okay but because he is creepy. He will stand at your doorstep and smile pervertly. And he will say things like, " I want to find your sis. She is not in ah? I want to come in. I want to sit and talk with you." Blardy scary and creepy.

=( He is creepy, I hate creepy people.

ps: Because we lied to him that my sis is not at home, I cannot call my sis "Che" anymore in case he heard us. I have to call her "Xiao Mei". Not as in little sister but little pretty. -.- Death is knocking at the door already, some more can joke. That is my sister. =.="

She corrected me, not "Xiao Mei". Its "Xiao Mei Ren" smacks my head kuat kuat and faint.


Dragon said...

if he keeps on doing this, knocking door or whatever, u can go to make a report to the police. i think this can be called harrasement.

Mrs Chong said...

haiya...kenal banyak tahun liau...we know him since we were very little...its like kawan lama la...we were very close last time until he came back a little cuckoo...

reddaisie said...

die la..when i go back he will find me pulak..
call me Leng Leng :)
"pretty pretty" ok???

Mrs Chong said...

-.-" Call me ah gu can d...
kakakka....I think he doesn't know this...c la??people's name all so cantik, mine is lembu...sedihs...