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Thursday, October 11, 2007

People nowadays.....

I was in lift with my mum just now after she finished her work. We were talking. Then at level 6, three guys came in.

Me: *look at them. then continue talking* Then hor...
Mum: *look at them then continue to listen to me.*

Then at another level, one old man came in. He is a Malay. He came in and talked to the other two guy who came in earlier

Me: *still talking*
Mum: *Stare at them*

Then I saw them bersalam-salaman

Me: *still talking*
Mum: Eh, they so fair, I thought they are Chinese.
Me: Huh? They are not Chinese meh?

People nowadays, Chinese looks like Malay, Malay looks like Chinese, Indian looks like Chinese, Chinese looks like Indian. How to differentiate? No wonder I've been talking to Chinese in malay. La~~ Not my fault. =P

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