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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I did not expect it.

Horoscope from Facebook says, Aries: When things are going well for you, don't start immediately looking for things to come crashing down. No sabotaging yourself. You're allowed to be happy

I was in a very very bad mood today and I don't even know why. I've been keeping it inside for some time and I have yet to see the need to release it until just now.

I guess 'someone' touched the sensitive and soft spot in me. TWICE! So I guess that's the reason I exploded. I was actually angry. I did not explode for that second only. I can feel blood rushing to my head okay? Anyway, the feeling of i-am-average-that's-why-no-one-respects-me is coming back. Die la. Am I going nuts? Lol, if I am, it runs in the family. Ha-ha to Pao.

I enjoy making fun of Mawi on that brochure cause I freaking hate him. For no apparent reason. You don't need a reason to love a person, so why would you need a reason to hate them?

I am such a freako.

and I really hate it.


reddaisie said... runs in the family :)
yay!! we big family!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! That was sad and kinda funny at the same time. I'm sorry your in a bad mood, but hey everyone has those days right? u noe wats funny, its that i have the same idea/concept of a blog as u have. check out my blog u dont have to if u dont want to and i dont usually spam or anything but if u have time just browse around it. my friend and i are really havin some trouble gettin the blog some viewers so every person counts. thanks a lot for your time and i hope your in a better mood tomorrow

Mrs Chong said...

Pao: BIG one. =P hehehehe....moody la me..exam near mar..

alex: Sure, I'll drop by. =)