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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Something not so normal.

Well, usually, I'll hear my mother scolding other people. Be it her customer's worker,her workers,us or just anyone. She is a angry angry lady. =P But she is sweet when she wants to. Just like me.

So today, mummy and I went to settle some stuff at TNB. She was being quite sweet today okay? She talked to the people at the enquiry counter.

She: The person told me that I can do *this* and *this*.
He: Right now you want to listen to that person or to me?
She: Huh? (blur)
He: *stares at her* I will tell you what to do.
She: Oh, okay. I am not sure about the procedure.
He: You just do as I say.
She: *Keeps quiet*
Me: *stare in disbelief* That person mad ah?

It is really rare for me to see people raising their voice to my mother. My mother usually does the voice raising thing. And what's the guy's problem? Don't say sarcastic things to old people can? They don't get it. I think the funniest thing is when he raised his voice and said those sarcastic things, mummy replied him with a huh? Lol. He sounds lame when mummy said huh?Nevertheless, he is a good help. Just a little fierce.

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