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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ah Long @ Loanshark

I am sure all of us have at least seen the name card of the Ah Longs being distributed into our post box every single day as if those cards are free. The card will be full of grammatical and spelling errors which I think is because they went to a cheaper printing company who don't even care to edit for them or even worst, PRINT THEMSELVES. They get so much profit, they can easily buy up the machine and start printing. Anyway, these cards will be of many colorful and attractive designs, with very sharp colors like red, orange or sometimes very artistic look. Their phone number will be of size 14 if the other wordings are of size 10. It doesn't matter cause their customers are usually blinded with the numbers only. Too desperate already. They even had promotions like first few days off interest. Then? Insanely high interest starts charging in and in no time, RM10000 become RM100 000. This is not robbing, this is even better than robbing.

Today's topic is not about the card. It is about how we should not be conned by the card. SAY NO TO LOANSHARKS CAUSE THEY ARE SHARKS!!! -.- lame? I know. The thing about splashing paints and writing on the walls does not happen only on television. They happen in real life too , which got me thinking, do they learn it from the television? I am sure some will roll their eyes and say, "Now only you know ah?" I knew this long long time ago but it just felt as though it is on television because it never happened before around my area. Everything has its first time and the wall painting with no beautiful graffiti finally happened at my area, my block, my floor but luckily, NOT my house. =P It happened to my neighbor's house whom my CNN neighbor says is the work of those 'sharks'.

It is a scary and traumatizing thing to happen to someone's house, especially yours. So, stay away from loansharks. They eat people with interest. Hoi!! Not mean they eat people as a hobby ok? They eat people with their high interest.

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