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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Updates for the whole week (Part III) - Prom

I was pretty lazy to update this but because my second sister called and I am guessing that she is very eager to see how I looked the other night although I was among the simplest one in the whole event. Yes, no gown or nice jewellery for this prom night unfortunately. I am not suitable for it.

So yea. The prom was on the 23/6, Saturday at Gurney Hotel. As the Queen of Datang Lambat, I reached late. I reached 15 minutes later than I promised. But I was not the latest. Win, Wan Mei, Annie, Ngiap Ai and Yi Yin was later. =P I wanted to fly there but it was rather impolite to wear my panties outside that day. So no Superman act. Yi Lin say I crap. Hehe. Anyway, got there, had some drink, and took lots of pictures. One by one I see my friends reach. So pretty. Like little stars shining brightly. Seriously, most of them wore gaun and I wish I can be like that at times. But I am me and I will always be special in my own way. *Just to console myself*

We went in at 8.00p.m and settled down. The seating was pretty bad as I mentioned in one of the post. We were practically shivering the whole dinner but we got a little warmed up when we were eating. I want to sit with them in any friend's wedding. So fun. =P I sat beside Shan Shan and Yi Lin. The food was alright. The performance did keep me entertained but it was the company that matter most. I do not mind even though that lucky draw is not mine because I had a splendid time. I am glad I went. I really got nothing much to say about the Prom. I am bad at this. =( But I really enjoyed looking at most of them. Oh so pretty. Even my classmates looked gorgeous. As for now, life resumes and we have to start studying again because trials and STPM are coming fast. Now it is already end of June and I only got four more months to get everything finished and in my head. Oh God, please help me. Pictures up...

The Empat Sekawan. If add Yi Lin then we are the Lima Wira or something

Bentengs with Yi Yin. =)

Bentengs and Yi Yin when we finished makan-ing and was singing.

Yam Seng!!!!! We actually did our own yam seng after that and everyone was staring at us.

The ballroom. I like the decorations. Blue and purple goes well. And please, I am talking about the balloons.

More pictures of the venue. Dark la I know. I lazy edit can?

The one and only food we managed to capture. The rest goes into the stomach before I can even click. So. First dish. =P

Us with the table number. Right after we take picture of this number, they called out for us cause we got the lucky table thingie. Lucky!!!! I was half shouting because I was quite blur.

This was how cold we were.

Us in the toilet. You can camwhore anywhere. =)
L-R Yi Lin, Shan Shan, me, Cheng Ling

Us under the star in front of the main door.

What's the use of attending Prom with star as their theme without having picture with the deco right? Win and I.

Next update would be the Xing Kong cast in Queensbay on Sunday.


sHaN sHaN said...

it was fun anyway...
enjoyed myself that day...
at least is better den our luncheon...

Mrs Chong said...

yea yea....i guess its the great company that makes everything else beautiful....

=) Glad I met you guys and befriend you guys...