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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Time really flies.

Even without having to wear panties outside. We were all so eager and looked forward to the Prom Night and now, it is over. All those 'What clothes to wear? You going to make up? You go saloon do your hair?' and other minor stuff like nail polish were being passed around and now, it has all come to an end. Everyone who talked about their hair, their outfit and other things that looks good on them can now leave that all behind cause it doesn't matters anymore.

All those hard work by the Students' Council ended glamorously tonight, where all the Georgians' shine and yes, I only saw happy faces. I enjoyed the whole event. I like the decorations. I love the stars. I like the food. It was better than 2005. I do not like my seating though. It was right under the air-cond and no kidding, we were freezing. I enjoyed the clip prepared by Liani, I loved the lucky draw because I get both the table gift and the individual one. Was a surprise because I never get anything except the set of glasses I got back in year 2000 when I was in standard 6. I loved the performance, seriously. I mean the Malay dance was good. The Indian one also not bad. But that's the only two I really saw because the other time, we were busy attacking the food. =P I sat with Shan and Yi Lin. It is amazing how I am so close with Shan although we just got to know each other better this year. Last year, we barely even speaks. Suddenly we are like buddies.

Swee Win was cute. I liked her hairstyle. Very cute. Cheng Ling very gorgeous. Shan our Cinderella, Yi Lin was beautiful too. Honestly, I kind of like the image everyone potrays tonight. Very beautiful indeed. And did a good job on the hairs. =P

I know I know. I got lots of pictures not updated. I will update them together with my whole week mia events. Right now, its time to go back to our books. No more resting. The clock is ticking away and time waits for no man or woman or girl for this matter. How I wish there's no examination. I loved what they wrote bout Mr. Koay. "Peperiksaan ialah guru yang malas yang mengambil soalan lama dan mengubahsuainya menjadi soalan baru untuk menguji pelajar." Something like that. Cute.

Currently falls in love with the song "That's what friends are for" and "Time after time" and "Lean on me". Anyway, I think I shall talk a bit more on prom. Well, we got there at 6.45p.m or later and we went up to level 3. Stood around for a while, took loads of pictures and then went in at 8pm I think. Food presentation soon after and then Ee Leen came out to sing. Loved her performance. Illy looks like a bride. Many of them looked like bride. Pretty ones. =) The food are Chinese set. Okay, finish elaborating. Pictures and everything up by tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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