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Friday, June 01, 2007

Hana Kimi- Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu

Yes, yes. I know I have not written about the KL trip I had. But then again, I am lazy to blog about it. Besides, I have yet to get the pictures from my friend. So wait ok? Not much people reading my blog also. So talking about Hana-Kimi. I wanted to watch the show since the day it was put up on youtube but due to slow connection, I gave up that thought. Besides I was rather busy in the 1st half of the year. Then I got the DVD but I was having exams. I am not so crazy to watch that during my exam period ok? I almost went cuckoo because I couldn't finish studying even without spending hours in front of the television watching dramas.

Anyway, I went to KL last week to see the cast and that was then I know who is Yu Zhe and of course I knew who is Wu Zun. He is in Fahrenheit leh. The boyband that I am crazy about. The first oversea artiste I bought ori album. Wait a minute, I won't get caught right? Anyway, saw them, still not tempted to watch the drama although that Danson Tang was very handsome. Then got back from KL. Rested one day and I started on my dramathon. Watched the first episode. Continue to the 2nd one, then 3rd and 4th and finally stopped at the 5th episode. Call that a day and let my grandma watch her show. The next morning, dramathon begins at 10a.m. Watched 5 episodes and then rested again. Let my grandma watch her show. Finally couldn't take it anymore. At 10.30 p.m started my 3rd dramathon. Finished the whole 15 episodes in 2 days. Slept at 3.30 a.m. The show is very easy to describe actually. Review? Absolute madness. Totally got me laughing like mad. I love Yi Quan now. Eating my own words of how I don't find Wu Zun cute. Okay, maybe eating half of my words. He is cute when he is acting as Yi Quan and when he screws his mandarin. Apart from that, Ya Lun still rocks. Besides, maybe I like Yi Quan because of the way he protects Rui Xi. Who knows? And how he tease her. Oh adorable.

Yu Zhe was handsome. Adores him. Dong Chen gila one. Ella is one of the best. I like her. For her cuteness, for her talent, for her ability to blend in and for her braveness. She can be a great guy and a wonderful girl at the same time. Ignore those people who thinks she does not suit the character. She is the best candidate for the show alright? So looking forward for Hana Kimi II and hope they don't change the cast. The " 10 ringgit turn into 70 ringgit" magic got me laughing like mad. Really like the way they put in Tai Yu( Taiwan mother tongue-hokkien) in the show. And how they ask Dong Chen to speak lawak English. 'Boy girl talking, no touching. You hui mei guo?' One word, LOVE! <3 href="">


weiwei said...

HAHA.. i like siu yi!!!!!! wang dong chen! but i dont really like yi quan lah.. like kayu only. =P.

Mrs Chong said...

hehehe..cute lar..when he curi curi smile...hehehehe..

weiwei said...

why u curi-curi smile? if i curi smile, u wont be able to see d lah. LOL.

Mrs Chong said... watch till last epi..damn fun la got friends to share share these...I am a happy girl..I went to see yu zhong..u din go..=( this wed wanna go c tank?

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