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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June and Jen's Birthday.

After seeing the house, I went to June and Jen's birthday party. It was held at the Eden Fairway. This time, not all Emmoes attended. A little disappointed but there's nothing we can do. Hooi Shan, Diana, June, Jen, Me, Win and Yi Lin went. It was quite fun. It has been a long long time since I last had pillow talk with Diana and lagilah rare to have it with Yi Lin and Swee Win.

Reached there at about 5p.m. and met up with Diana in front of 7-11. Then we walked in to Eden Fairway. Jen, David (Jen's bf) and Hooi Shan came to get us. Then we were brought up to the room and said hie to the people there. Then we decided to go beach. But we couldn't find any place to park and June called to ask us to get some drinks. So we went back, got some drinks and decided not to go out already. Then we sat down and start talking and playing poker cards.

Okay, the party started at about 8p.m. Yi Lin and Swee Win's time so chun, just when I am about to eat, they called to say they've reached. So Jen, David, Me, Hooi Shan, and Diana went down to fetch them. Then thought of Ewe Yan and gave him a call to ask where he was. He said he reached already but there's no sight of him. Then called him again and got to know that he went to the wrong place. Then asked him to come to us and then we helped him to carry the ice. He carried the drinks. It was heavy alright? The ice I mean. And cold. Anyway, got up there and started eating. Rae Von and Chee Kit came too. Franklin also. Took picture with everyone. I got many more pictures but could not post up because Swee Win has yet to upload all the pictures. Will update this post again. Anyway, after eating and mingle around, they decided to cut the cake. So we sang, they cut the cake and presents were given. Then we decided to go to the night market there. As June told us that she was going to the Movies with her nurse friends, we went there without her. Walked around and did some DVD hunting. Bought some and went for drinks. Then we went to the beach and take a few pictures. Then got back to the apartment but June is not there anymore. She went out with her friends. Anyway, Jen and David still in there and we started talking and taking more pictures.

Jen's dad came and we decided to see Jen, Hooi Shan and Franklin off. They went back leaving David with us. So we got back up there and had our midnight talk. Yes, with David. He also talked. Anyway we talked until 1.30a.m and asked David to sleep as he had to work. Then we went food hunting and ate some tidbits while having our pillow talk. We talked until 3a.m and decided to head for bed. Called June but she was not coming back yet, so we brushed our teeth and took some picture in the toilet. Then we went to bed. We slept on the floor. But we couldn't sleep. So we got up and took more pictures. Then got into the bath tub and took more. After that, June came back and they talked. I couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep at about 10 minutes to 6a.m . At about 6.30a.m, they said they want to go and see the sun rise. I am not that crazy yet and decided to sleep. Woke up at 7 something because Swee Win, Diana and June got back and buat bising. Anyway, got up, asked them to take their bath and took mine then had some breakfast. At about 10.20a.m we left for Gurney because David's work starts at 11a.m and we did not want him to be late. The bus came at 10.45 a.m and he was late for probably 10 minutes like that. Diana left immediately when we reached Gurney.

I shall continue this the next post because I am blogging about Rynn Lim Yee Chung

Us. More picture updates soon. =)

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