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Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am disappointed

When I don't like something, I will complain about it a lot. Some will find it irritating but who cares? I want to spill my feelings here.

I will not complain about the lame tortoise and whale. I went to one of the public phone which they install them earlier to check it out. And IT WAS NOT WORKING. No dail-tone. What's the use of having a public phone with no dail tone? Anyway, then I remembered something, they painted our canteen blue. I know I am very fussy if I were to pick on the colors but for God's sake. For the past what? 100 years? I think red and pink had been our color. The color we are proud of and then ta-da, blue canteen for you. I think few years back. About 3 years or 4 years back, they just painted the canteen and renovated it. And now? Repaint it. Wasting of money? You tell me. No wonder they are asking for donations again. My class is giving RM21 or maybe RM20.50 to represent our whole class. Each donate 50 cents. If they were to do more benifitial things for the students, I am sure we won't mind donating more. But whenever I see the tortoise and the whale, I feel like taking back my 50cents.

Besides that two thing, another thing I realized is that they have this reflexology garden. Luckily it is a small one. If not, WHAT IS THAT DOING IN OUR SCHOOL? Like la we very free, every day go take off our shoe and walk there. These people, don't know what they thinking also.


reddaisie said...

gosh..the school is crazy!!!!
Maybe i shud go back and be in the ex-student council committee then can put some sense into these ppl..

Mrs Chong said...

ya la..some more dare to ask me donate money. Cis, waste my money on that black ugly whale and tortoise. The color is even coming off.. =.="