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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am a little disappointed.

Well, not to say I complain about my school because I got demerit for getting to school late. I am not that horrible yet. I will try to be early because I don't want to get kerja amal. Anyway, I am rather disappointed with the school. =( After 7 whole years studying here, I finally felt disappointed enough to talk about this.

After all those hard work trying to collect funds and things, you build that whale and tortoise? What for? We are a so-called elite school. We don't need whales and tortoise in our school. At least not black ones. We are not some kindergarten or some lame park. WE ARE SGGS!

Besides, what is the connection between whales and tortoises? At least put something like tortoise and rabbits. Then it might help the students to think of Tuk Kura and help them to score in their sastera. Or put something like Sang Kancil. It will probably help students to think of Sejarah or something. And why on earth we need it in the first place? Is seems so out of place. It is now blocking my used-to-be route to the tunnel. The black tortoise. =( I just don't get it. I understand that we need more phones, it is alright to build a proper stage at the laman ko-op rather than having the usual wooden stage, I understand the flooring for Laman Ilmu although I don't think it is necessary and I seriously think it is alright to put the water machine, definitely benefiting the students and teacher, BUT WHAT IS THAT WHALE AND TORTOISE DOING??? I die die also must take picture with the whale and tortoise before I leave. I actually contribute one tiny part. Perhaps the tortoise's little toe or one tiny part on the whale's tail.

What makes me real angry is that they cannot install fan in our class and our request got rejected again and again and the next thing you know, ta-da, the whale and tortoise is all done and black. Our class? Still remains as hot as it was since the very first time I walked into it. I really don't think the whale and tortoise is helping the students in any way because during the process of doing that big thing, we got torture with people smoking and throwing the butts everywhere. Dah-lah become second hand smoker, got pollution, pay for it some more and they paint that tortoise black! Okay fine, grey. But still!!!

I am just plain curious about the whale and tortoise, please, if you know, what does the tortoise and whales symbolizes? What are they for? Tell me. Please. =(

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