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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Daniel's Album

Looking more matured and grown up

If you are going to say " What? Daniel again?" you can skip this whole post because it is going to be about Daniel, his album and his songs. If you don't know, Daniel released his second album on the 13th June which is 3 days ago. Having to prebook his album, I manage to get it on Friday from my friend. It only cost me RM30 which I think is really worth it based on the packaging of the album, his improvements and the songs.

The tracks in the album are:-
Track 1 - Because Of Love (Yin Wei You Ai) 因为有爱 9 30.00%
Track 2 - Love Is Under The Sky 11 36.67%
Track 3 - Forgive Me (Yuan Liang Wo) 原谅我 14 46.67%
Track 4 - Are You Happy On Your Birthday (Ni De Sheng Ri Kuai Le Ma) 你的生日快乐吗? 6 20.00%
Track 5 - Running Out Of Time (Lai Bu Ji) 来不及 8 26.67%
Track 6 - Devastation (Wan Nian Feng Huo) 万年烽火 8 26.67%
Track 7 - Portal (Sui Yi Men) 随意门 10 33.33%
Track 8 - Unavoidable (Duo Bu Guo) 躲不过 8 26.67%
Track 9 - Everytime 11 36.67%
Track 10 - Angin Malam

There's also a poll whereby the Pinkies aka Daniel's fans from voted. I guess you can judge the song with the help of this poll because it shows which song is our favourite.

YippieYaya look this time.

I wanted to recommend some of the tracks but then I realized, the song that I will recommend will be the songs I personally love a lot. =P So no need la. I personally love Track - 2,3, 6,7,8,9. These tracks are really nice. However, after listening to it few more times, I fell in love with Track 4 and 5. The tunes are growing in me and I began to like it more and more each time I listen to it. I like track 1 but I don't love it. Just merely like it. I feel that this album is so worth it because of the nice songs. I rarely manage to get an album which I like each and every of the songs. I often get albums and end up liking just one or two songs. You might say I am biased because I like Daniel but no, I like lots of artiste but his is just special. I mean his first album, there's no song that I do not like or will think of skipping to the next track. The same thing happens to the second album. Its either he is smart at picking songs or his voice is so unique, I like each and every song he sang. For God's sake, even the Ai Guo99 song is like a hit to us. No doubt there are many other artiste who sang real nice patriotic songs that I love too. =P

Something like Royal England or so.

I am super not loyal if you are going to use the word loyal in this fan-idol relationship. I got so many artiste I like that I will go chasing although Daniel is not there. But if loyalty and only-one is used in this relationship, I think many artiste will die of hunger or their talent will not be discovered. You guys should really listen to his songs, even if you don't like him. You might find a few favourite tracks I tell you. And please, support original. You know why Malaysia entertainment industry is so far behind Taiwan's and Hong Kong's? It is because Malaysian do not support original. I agree to Albee when she mentioned it in the forum. We are always buying those 3 for RM10 or 6 for RM20 cds or worst still, we download them right from the Internet. I admit I do the same thing but hey, support local artiste la. Okay, I am contradicting myself for I have lots of songs in my computer that probably ripped by my friend's ori album but hey, at least support local ones.

Seems like he has a lot in his mind.

Buy original album. I think RM35.90 is a very reasonable price and if you have popular card, you can even get it at RM32++. Definitely worth every ringgit you paid. The packaging is like a book and you get to see gorgeous pictures inside. Besides, he is such a cool idol for you to idolize. Seriously, his determination to be special, to outdo other people and his perseverance is something we should look up to. It is not easy to be labelled as someone who only looks good and couldn't really sing by lots of other people who do not like him. He even have Malay songs and English songs to cater to his non-Chinese fans. And guess what? Bananas can sing along too because they include romanized lyrics in each album. Go grab a copy now.

credits to Lilywhite for the pictures and for the informations and poll.

visit to get to know Daniel and when you get in there, you will know, it is not just Daniel we are talking about. Have fun browsing. =)

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