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Friday, June 22, 2007

So this is?

1st look. Like the 'tai yee long' or better known as Finance Company fliers right? Even the befrienders have the same type of card. So confusing la. They went to the same printing company perhaps. At first when my friend brought it to me, I thought where she got the Finance Company's card since it was the school's KK Day. I am sure schools don't invite these people to have exhibition right? Or they do?

And they had this exhibition of the weapons that criminals use. Me likey.

I even told my friend I want to leave my Bowling Club exhibition and go to this exhibition stall. Then I open another stall beside it and write ' Kelab Kongsi Gelap . Untuk senjata yang kami gunakan, sila rujuk pameran sebelah. =) ' and recruit members. Save all the time from preparing what to exhibit. Hiak hiak. There's lot more to update for the past 1 week where we were busy doing lots of things and not study. So I think I will update that soon. Probably by today or Sunday.

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