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Friday, June 01, 2007

Daniel 2nd Album Pre-launch

in KL. I am not going. How I wish I am in KL now. Because tomorrow, there's this Sungei Wang Anniversary and lots of artiste will be there. *stabs myself* Anyway, his new album sounds so much better and professional. Not to say the old one was not good. But he seem to grow in this album. His 原谅我 Yuan Liang Wo (Forgive Me) was great. In the beginning, I don't quite like Yin Wei Ai(Because Of Love). But after listening to it again yesterday, it was not bad either. Besides, when he release new album, it is a good thing. Because he will be going on Promo and that means we will see him again. Owh miss him since the last PISA event. I know I know, I did tell everyone that I seem to not so crazy over him already. But then, I don't know. No Pinkies will kill me right? But he come out better this time. So the craze is on I think. Hehehe. Totally adores his new album and will definitely get the Spritzer drink thing. Because he looks so so so adorable there. Anyway, more about the album now. It is called <>. I think there's 10 songs with one English song in it. And there's 3D booklet and a MV <> MV if you pre-order.

It only cost RM35.90 only. This time, Daniel will show a Yuppie Look. I don't really know what is a Yuppie Look but this is the look.

Isn't that adorable?

I am getting the album already. I love love love. Hope he comes to Penang a.s.a.p. Besides media keep talking bout how he improved tremendously. Seriously would like to see that soon.

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