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Monday, June 04, 2007


I know la. I got many interesting events not yet post. But then not much people reading also. Besides, those who read are not interested with my chase artiste activity one. I know I left the Wu Zun and Yu Zhe trip hanging. Now I got Lin Yu Zhong events to blog too. Can give me time ah? Don't know why no mood want to update.

What other people think of you is none of your business.

Got that from Old Beng's blog. Kind of like it. Anyway, will update my blog to keep as memories la. I only young once leh. Must keep all these to tell my grand-anaks next time. =)

On the side note, I realize that it is so hard to get people comment on your blog. And if people don't, we lose the interest to blog because well, NO COMMENT=NO ONE READING. So what's the point updating? For that unseen 'human' to read? The only reason that pushes an unknown blogger to blog is basically to keep her life in a record. And if you are not a professional blogger who can attract people's attention, get all your families to read or just be a celebrity. Because celebrities get insane 6000++ comments on almost every post even if they just ask the fans to take care or just blog of something that happened. Yes, I do read, but I don't bother to leave comments la. 1st, I think they won't be reading too. With 6000++ comments, you can miss out many without realizing you know?But I enjoy reading their blogs. And maybe at times trying my luck to leave a comment and cross my finger to hope that they do read. =)

4 comments: said...

You no update, people mah no come, people no come mah no comment lor. And it goes round and round lor. Hehehe.

Mrs Chong said...

but then update so many oso no use. Macam talking to myself. Hehehe..most of the time la. But nevermind la. I keep telling myself it is to keep myself in record, reminding myself my mistakes and stuff like that.. =) Thanks for dropping by though.

weiwei said...

oh.. i did leave a comment for wuchun. asking him to be punctual! AHAHAHAHA.. maybe he wont be reading also la..but who cares! lol.

Mrs Chong said...

u so daring b4 he come to TS, he actually had to go for a meet the fans at the hotel. probably that got him delayed. Horrible la the organizers. 1st of all is the stage. So damn low. Want us see what? Then the time also very pack. Haih. Nevermind, eh, if he come again, are you going?

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