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Sunday, July 01, 2007


I know I have yet to update about the Xing Kong cast in Queensbay thing but can I update later? Such a procrastinator right? I know I know. I got homework undone. My friend said that if I ever think of dying, I must only think of it after I finished all my homework. I decided not to die in the end. Because it will be harder to complete my homework than to die I think. =P

Random #1
Why is it that I am so moody lately? I laughed, I frowned, I began to feel easily irritated and frustrated. The time of the month again? Should I always blame it on the imbalanced hormones and run away from actually seeing the root to all these problems? We all know it is not that simple. Something is not right and it is not PMS. Probably because I see him around too much, I feel irritated. I feel angry, I feel unhappy. Its not that I hate him. I just don't feel comfortable. He got me thinking and I hate to think. That's probably why I don't like my Maths and Accounts class. Anyway, no more drifting away to another topic. I know I will not go back to the same situation I got myself in a year ago. But why am I feeling this way? I really don't understand and when I don't understand, I feel irritated and annoyed. And I think the hot weather is not helping me. Not even a tiny bit.

Random #2
Should we bow to violence? To people we fear of? I don't know but I think it is better to be exploited than to put oneself in trouble. Just now, I went to Gurney Drive and there was this Indian who came to collect the parking fees. My aunt told him half and hour and I got stunned because it was about 11++ that night and I don't think the government staff works until that late. So I asked my aunt and she asked him. He said it is until 3 a.m. We got even more blur. Then my aunt said half and hour. He said RM1. My aunt refuse to pay and told him that we will not leave the car. We are going to be in the car. He went off furiously and I did not allow my aunt to leave with my mum. What if they come back for us? My aunt wanted to leave me and my grandma in the car. But I was quite angry. Probably because I am in such a moody state, I told her not to go. I am afraid that the Indian guy will bring his gang and attack us. At that time, my grandma and I will be in the car with no car key. How can I even run with my grandma? I was terrified all the while waiting for my mum to come back. Should we keep quiet and let this continue to go on or should we defend ourselves. If these people got no job,will they go around robbing instead? Will we bring more harm to ourselves? This mere RM1 might help them and prevent them from robbing. Why is there so many things we have to think?

Random #3
Daniel's birthday today. Happy birthday Daniel. Watched his live birthday celebration broadcasted to us through webcam. Though not clear, it was good enough. At least we get to feel the hype.

My second sis and I are discussing about our new room and how to decorate them. I am sure to wait for her because she is better at these things. I am so excited but we still have ahlf a year to go. So, wait till it is done. =) at the meantime, I am doomed. I have not been studying. I think it was already 5 weeks that I did not really study. I need that worm back. The hardworking one please. Go to bed now. My desktop is going crazy and my laptop is not helping much. Oh well. New computer on the way. Wait till the next PC Fair.

-end of random post.-


reddaisie said...

i can't wait to decorate our room too :)

Mrs Chong said...

hehehe... =) two sampan tiau...hahhaha...imagine how we will get to be in the same room like how we used to. We used to listen to Make A Wish every morning. And we tell each other midnight stories...heheheh...

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