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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You are a successful singer when...

another famous singer from another country puts your song in his blog. Although I am not a big fan of Gary Cao, I like his songs. Especially "Bei Pan" (Betray). When I was reading through Jiro's blog, a member of Fahrenheit from Taiwan, a group that is now very famous in Taiwan, I realized that the song keep repeating. I thought it was my own player but I've stopped it. It was then I know that Jiro put Gary's song on his blog. Now think of this. Jiro is famous himself, he acknowledge Gary's song, loved his songs and even played them on his blog. How cool is that?

Although you might say that perhaps Gary's song was in that list and Fahrenheit's wasn't. Who cares? He chose Gary's song out of so many other songs. Besides, I do think that Gary's song is nice, especially the one being played on Jiro's blog. Oh Jiro likes to listen to such song too. Good good. =P

On another note, Daniel finally released his 2nd album today. I am of course not there to witness it but yes, I do feel the excitement just like when he first release his album back in 2005. Lol, some might say, "You excited what la? He is related to you also. Besides, can stop talking about Daniel or not? Boring leh." I can now shout at your face, " I SYOK!!!" Why do we have to live according to what people like? Can't we have something we like and be proud to talk about it? I mean friends are supposed to be there and listen right? I just don't like it when people say that to me. No respect to me whatsoever.

Anyway, it is a happy day and certainly a day to remember. This is because Daniel released his album, I got a demerit for being late for school the 4th time, and I GOT RM100!!! I kind of applied for some scholarship or something and I got one today. RM100 from The Lian Hua Education Fund. OH I LOVE THEM! =) Enough ramblings today.


weiwei said...

scholarship???????? aiyo.. why didnt ask me to apply.. haha..

Mrs Chong said...

entah apa apa fund la. They say can apply I pun apply la...hehehe..buta buta get RM100...syok syok...

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