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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Time flies

I remember at this time of the year back in 2005, I was also busy looking for luncheon clothing. Or was it earlier. But still, the same situation. I forgot about it until people started saying how they got theirs and I suddenly remembered that I have not gotten mine and go all over the cupboard looking for one decent one. And at this moment, the savior comes out and ta-da, my sister will always get a good one for me and I don't have to worry anymore. But please, no make up this year, I am not good with it.

Anyway, time flies. Time used to creep so slowly back then probably because we have been in SGGS for all I can remember and the days to leave it was so so so far to me. However, having to leave it 2 years back for 6 months, I dreaded the feeling of leaving it again. Not that I am in love with the ants at our field or the toilet but I will definitely miss the time spent with my friends, my buddies. I am sure with my attitude, bad temper and horrible habit of talking non-stop, I can at any time drive someone crazy and thus, having to able to find friends who can put up with me is a blessing. I thank God for giving me friends who can make me feel important, loved and best of all, wanted. All of a sudden, I feel like singing the song 'Lao Po' by S.H.E and dedicate to them. Ok, I am sure S.H.E have stronger bond among themselves but still, I really am blessed to have them.

Anyway, talking about time flies again, so fast, I am going to sit for my STPM already. It was as though I have just finished sitting for SPM and I do not enjoy the thoughts of sitting for STPM. Enjoy it or not, I think I got no choice. 2005 was a great year which ended rather sadly while in 2006, I had a horrible start. I think worst way to start a year and to face it in the first 3 months of the year but coming in to SGGS, I realize it was the best choice I have made so far in my life. Although I hated the whole idea of STPM, I loved the experience I had here, the company-bentengs, the atmosphere, I couldn't ask for more. Unlike Shan, I never thought of how my life would be if I did not choose to take up Form Six. This is because, I think deep down inside, I never really thought of not entering Form Six. But really, after listening to her, I know, I made the right choice. I learnt to be more hardworking, something I doubt I will adapt if I am to choose college instead. College seems more relaxed and less tensed. Besides, I doubt I get the chance to meet these wonderful people whom I once thought are scary and dare not mix with, Shan and Cheng Ling.

It is always good to count our blessings. Actually, there's nothing in Form Six that I can really complain about. I don't think I will enjoy the life of being in a college because I will have lost lots of hair due to stress for what to wear, I won't be able to enjoy and have low self-esteem because I just can't study with guys. At least not in the same class. This is now a problem for me because I will step into University if I am lucky enough and I have to start to adapt. How I wish I will get my great friends to go with me. But after the KL trip, I have to admit, I love Penang and I doubt I will enjoy leaving it. Going to KL for 4 days and 3 nights, despite having great companies, lots of activities and all, the moment I got into the bus to go back to Penang, I felt so happy and so excited. As though I never been to Penang. I missed my sister and mum so much, I don't think I can ever ever live without them. I don't know why but each day without them, I felt empty and I will definitely enjoy more with them. Hah, calling me a spoilt brat? Like I care.

Time flies and now, it is already June. Whatever that has passed has long passed and I guess it does feel good to be able to let go and see the beautiful world again. I woke myself up from despair and told myself that life has so much to offer, I shouldn't waste it by being gloomy. Two weeks of holiday passed just like that. I can't believe I did not put my two weeks of holiday to good use. Where are all those 'Trial is in 80 days time, STUDY!' mood go? Lol, even my study partners go on hibernation or something. I don't seem to be able to meet up with them to study. No more holidays ya? This Wednesday onwards back to library life. I miss my library friends already. The one who always go. The one we always see there. =P I actually got back the youtube fever and was on youtube marathon for 4 days in a row. Before that, I was on drama marathon and actually between the youtube marathon, drama marathon did not stop. It just go in between whenever I need to wait for the youtube to load or something. I AM SICK. Lol. I even got huge eye bags from it as a token of appreciation I think. Huge eye bags for sleeping at 3a.m or at times 4a.m. =P

Anyway, as I've said that I will post up pictures of Yu Zhe and the other cast of Hana Kimi which I think is by far the best and is equally good as Wang Zi Bian Qing Wa. Lots of reading spoil eyes. Let's pamper our eyes with eye candies now. =)

Danson Tang. 22 this year I think. Or 23.

So handsome. I intended to put more of Wu Zun since I began to like him in this show. But sorry, I just can't stop myself from putting Yu Zhe's picture.

Yu Zhe with the necklace he always wear. Even in shows. I saw him with that necklace in Summer x Summer. Cute guy.

The cast in Hana Kimi. The one in yellow is Jiro, blue- Wu Zun, white- Ella, light purple- Yang Yang *don't know his real name*, black- Da Shu *don't know his real name either* and that two best friends. The one in orange is the magician who turns 10 ringgit into 70 ringgit. The one in purple his friend, I can't remember the name. Is it Ri Hui? I not sure. =P

I love this picture because Ella looks gorgeous here. Wu Zun, well, he was never ugly, was he? Probably when he was having long hair. He looks better with short hair. =P

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