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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Parking Ticket

To Penangites, I am sure you guys know about the booth where it is like the main booth which will allow you to pay any parking fares that you failed to pay because the parking attendant go minum kopi or something and you couldn't find him? The one situated in front of an old folks home at Batu Lancang there. Somewhere near the Lam Wah Ee Hospital. If you know where it is already, it has been taken down already. They already 'robohkan' that little booth and now the only way you can pay your parking tickets is to go all the way to Komtar to pay. I think the place where you pay your summon if you ever got one. Don't lie, don't lie. Don't act innocent. I am sure many drivers got summons. It plays an important role in securing the government's income I think. =P

Anyway, my aunt was complaining how inconvenient it is to pay in Komtar because Komtar has very limited parking spaces. She went to pay her parking tickets just now and she asked the lady there whether there's any other way she can pay easily. Malaysia memang boleh one. She said yes.

L- Lady (not Lau Ee)
A- Aunt (mine)
P- Ping Ping aka me
A: Ini maciam bayar parking ticket susah lo.
L: Ya kah? Tapi itu booth sudah dirobohkan. Semua pindah sini.
A: Tak boleh bayar tempat lain kah? Susah la mari sini.
L: Boleh. You boleh bayar melalui pos.
A: Macam mana? *looking interested*
L: You boleh pos parking ticket you dengan 30 sen kepada alamat ini. *points* Kemudian mereka akan hantar balik resit.
A: Ooo. Ini lebih senang hor?

*The story is rekaan semata-mata. I was not there but according to what my aunt told me and according to my 19 almost 20 years of experience being around my aunt. I suppose that's how the conversation went. Probably more horrible than what I wrote.*

A: I tell you la. *bla bla bla repeats the whole story.*
P: *smacks forehead* Eh, easy easy go pay at Komtar la. Do so many things just to pay that Rm0.30.
A: But then Komtar some more have to find parking. Some more have to walk up the stairs.
P: Let me tell you the process of the two methods then you tell me which one easier.
By Komtar counter
1. Drives to Komtar
2. Find parking space.
3. Walk up that stairs
4. Pay the bill.
*Pay maybe 80 cents for parking if you walk fast enough and settle within 30 minutes
* Risk : Leg lenguh cause walk up the stairs
Total cost: RM1.50 for fuel, RM0.80 for parking, RM0.30 for that parking ticket

By post
1. Go post office. Buy stamps *sure everytime must buy new one because she always forgets where she keep things*
2. Buy money order as well. *Have to do this every time you want to pay* You can't possibly put in that 20 cent coin and 10 cent coin just like that right?
3. Put the parking ticket in the envelope, stick stamp, put in the money order.
4. Write address and strain your eyes
5. Drive to the nearest red box thingie and post everything.
*Aunties don't do the bayaran at the post office. Somehow they have to go back, take their envelope, slowly write down the address, stick the stamps, and post. My aunt is like that.*
**Risk: The postman lost your whole precious envelope and all your effort goes down the longkang. And then, comes the warning letter, have to do the process again. Suih-suih (malang-malang) kena summon for late payment.
*Total cost: Go post office- RM1.50 (sekali with the time when she want to post the envelope), Stamp-RM0.30, money order- RM0.30, Envelope: RM0.10, Pen ink sekali with the glue: RM0.10 per usage. And also the damage to your heart because you are worried of your RM0.30.
A: But then Komtar has to walk up the stairs leh.
=.=" is there nothing else that matters more than that damn stairs?

Then she told me something lagi smack forehead. She say if scared that the postman lose the receipt, can photocopy one to keep. Like this not add to the sampah at home, add to the money spent, add to the ma huan-ness, add to the total of tree kena potong? I don't care la. I cannot accept the fact that she is even thinking of paying that 30 cents parking ticket through posting. Very cannot la. (Chin cia beh la.) My tagline.


ItchyHandseng said...

haha i think u can pay to other parking attendent from other place also la.Some of my friends didn't care to pay also.

Mrs Chong said...

my aunt say pay them later they cheat her money and stuff..she selalu want to go find the main one...cheh su la she..hehehe

Old Beng said...

》》add to the sampah at home..

Ha ha, as if your house has lots of sampah liao.

Can you make payment via internet or ATM machine like we do in Singapore?

Mrs Chong said...

aiya old beng. Malaysia boleh one. But hor, that lady did not tell my aunt that can pay through ATM la or online. Only 30 cents leh.

Anyway, not my house lots of sampah, hers a lot la. She will keep all those parking tickets that she paid already because she say scared the people in charge lose her receipt or something. She will keep all those bills because she is afraid they will say she din pay. I guess you can now imagine how's the house like.

weiwei said...

yor... ma huan.. 30 cents only must run to komtar. can pay to other parking attendent. i tried it. they never come saman me. ahahaha..

Mrs Chong said...

weiwei: We, the younger generation will do all this lazy work la. As for her, she special case one. She will think a lot of 'What ifs' and very careful. So haih, let her be la. If not later she kena saman she come and blame me cause I ask her to pay to any parking attendant.

reddaisie said...

the issue of tiga puluh sen...
if for me..i will :
1) pay to another parking attendant
2) ask mummy to pay HAHHAHAHA

but that lau ee so eng..let her use post lo..maybe she likes the process of sending letters to's something new ma..first time hear can send letter to pay tiga puluh sen HIGH TECH!!!


Mrs Chong said...

pao: Ya la. She thinks that is so convenient some more okay? She was telling me so excitedly. Let her hantar la the post. Haha. She nothing to do ma hor? Else everyday talk to the cat. Then watch cartoon nia..hehehe..

U very smart hah? Bully mummy like that. =P