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Friday, March 02, 2007

Great friends are like

- gem among thousand of stones.
- RM50 in ang pow (I very happy when I see RM50 okay?That's the biggest ang pow d)
- rainbows after rainy days, it's always there,ever so beautiful to greet you after a gloomy day
- clouds when there's hot sun, to protect you from getting burnt *sunburn that is*
- popcorn during a movie, you just have to have them.
- a massage after a tiring day, there to take down your burden, even for just a while
- a pail, for you to fill your tears when you are sad
- a strong wall, for you to lean on when you are tired
- a donation box, ever ready to be there to give you hopes
- a christmas tree, filled with lots of beautiful things just to make you smile
- a glass of cold drink on hot days, always there at the right time
- a diary, someone you can always trust
- an elf when you are the Santa, always there to help you when you need them
- water in deserts
- a bra, ever there to give you support *lol. seems familiar.*
- a spa, makes you comfortable after a hard day
- a warm blanket during the winter, to keep you warm and secure
- a hot soup on winter, keeps you warm till inside *lol*
- a sad love song after a break up, ever there to help you face your problem and get over it
- a clown, to cheer you up whether you need it or not
- a beautiful love song when you fall in love, to share your happiness with.
- a comfortable shoe when you go out, to prevent you from getting hurt
- good cards in hand when "puak kiau", gives you hope,motivates you and brings you lots of good things *example: money. "puak kiau" win money* XD I am so addicted now. Shan, your house on 9th ok? XD
- a good camera on a wonderful day, there to always share and capture the beautiful moments and memories in your life.
- a panadol when you have headaches, there to ease your pain and make you feel well again
- a packet of ENO, there to give you a "push" when "you" can't move
- a good bowling game, no senget lanes, no slippery floors,just a bowling ball and ten beautifully standing pins (what you see is what you get, no hiding, no pretending)
- a hot steamboat during CNY, crazy but something we must have to feel complete
- a strawberry dip in castor sugar, a little sour and a little sweet, there to spice up your life.
- a mirror, always reflects to us. Because we became a little more alike after being friends for a long time *hints to Shan Shan. Bulldog XD*
- a good laugh over a comedy, there to release stress with us.
- a bungee jumping, crazy but adventurous.
- a love we can never replace with anything else
- tissues. They are always there to wipe away your tears.

I am glad I found my greatest friends. I do believe high school friends are those who last the longest and I shall pray and hope that you guys will forever be my best friends. When I get married *I said when hah? If got nia ok?* I want all of you to seat beside my table. Unless I can get a super long table la. And I want each and everyone of you to be just like my family. Because you guys are the family I chose. Love Bentengs and Emmoes forever!


Anonymous said...

Ping...nowadays u so emo nia...
i agree with you...i also believe dat high sch friendship will last forever...i have seen ppl still contacting their high sch friends although they are married with kids..and their kids end up being good friends i believe that once a friend always a friend...i will cherish every moment dat i spent with all of u-the bentengz...hw i wish dat we knew each other earlier....i m sure we will be very very good frens rite??? lolx...but i won't regret havin u guys as my fren...although we knew each other now, i hope is not too late...
abt ur wedding table...i must sit bside the bride eh ok...since i m the so-called mum...hehe....
i'll try 2 get a very long table 4 u so dat u can fit the bentengz n emmoes wif u...hehe...
"Without friends no one would choose to live though he had all other goals"

Mrs Chong said...

I where got emo? this is so not emo ok? NOT emo la!!! =( shang shang bully i wish we noe each other earlier..sure will have more siau moments..but no worries..better be late than never *lol..i suspect it's win's motto..cuz she 8something still comes to school..wakkakaka* love u guys.... XD

Anonymous said...

haha...where gt?? here lo...i think i better call u emo ping d la instead of u callin me emo shan...good idea?? haha...
yalo there would be alot of siao moment...nvm la i guess there are more coming...hmm maybe la...
love u too..muakzz..hugzz...

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