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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Note: I updated on the Getting To Know Myself topic. Added some of my own opinions and thoughts there. Do go and check them out alright?

I saw Christian on TV!!! Hee. He is on the Brylcream advertisement. I don't know how to spell Brylcream. Anyway, he was cute.


Today had fun with Emmoes. We hung out longer this time and this time don't have their other halves disturbing. Heh, sorry. Anyway, had fun. Took a lil pic only though. Unfortunately hor? Oh ya, 1st time I bowling get 104 marks. I should practise more bowling. Me love.


Lately I am a bit moody lo. I don't know why. In addition to that, I just found out that I am a harsh girl and I hurt one of my friend without realizing it. I guess I just can't control myself to be bias towards friends that I like more. And I did not care bout her feelings. Besides I am very emotional lately. I am not depressed but I really feel somewhat, lonely or I don't know what that feeling is, but I am sure that is not a good feeling. I don't know. Haih, I should just go rest. =)


Anonymous said...

hey ping....dats good u haf fun 2day...anyway don't be so moody la...u r not emo shan k..u r ping ping...not emp ping....dun ever curi my nick(although i dun like it)...hehe...

Mrs Chong said...

u love it...i noe u do....chak...hehe...ya la..dunno y...haih...sien

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