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Saturday, March 03, 2007

WWW finale

And the winner is......


Hafiz, you are what women want!!! He was so sweet that he told Charles its his luck. His rezeki. Charles was having problem with a girl in his life I suppose. He cried during the final meet-the-judge session. He say he is not sure where he stands and he suddenly feel that whether he got the title or not, it doesn't matter anymore. He couldn't control his feelings and finally, he realized that he is no other than Hafiz who can't control his emotions. He was cute and everything but I guess he is not the one. I would love to have a friend like Charles but not boyfriend I think. I mean he is cute but he is just not the one. HAFIZ IS THE WINNER!!!! <3 style="font-style: italic;">Hias Khemah!!!! Meaning, Yi Lin and I and the gang won!!!Mahsuri even won the sorakan and the perbarisan. Mahsuri rocks. After 7 years in Mahsuri, I finally berjasa a little bit and I am proud of myself and the team. Love you all for the hardwork we put in. Trust me, Yi Lin and I screamed like mad and teachers stared at us cause we were behind the Khemah VIP I think. Who cares? We were in cloud 9

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