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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Holiday is suppose to be those days you actually enjoy them and when you are bored, you hang out with friends. Right? Well, in my case, it is not quite right. I have not done anything holiday-like since like last Sunday. I did not do anything, go anywhere or actually feel the holiday vibe. And it is freaking Thursday already. Is my long awaited holiday gonna pass just like that? Those 9 precious day that I desperately waited for because I am sick of waking up early in the morning gonna pass without any exciting + interesting things to do? I am getting sick of talking to my TV all the time. I mean that's what I do apart from several attempts to finish my Economy. I so need to get out of this place but everyone is not in the mood.

No one asked me out and no one planned an outing. Everyone was like busy , tired and seriously moody. Suddenly I feel better for not being the only one with mood-swings. I mean what's up with Swee Win who was so eager bout Queensbay outing and Pasar Malam outing? All of the sudden she stopped talking bout those outings. Instead, she and Shan went back to school every night for their band practise. Well, at least they had a life. What bout me? I was half dead since Monday. There is nothing better for me to do and I was even thinking that this holiday will be the last I will get to enjoy until I *literally* slave my ass for STPM which I don't think I will do any better than my SPM. Then again, I can't possibly go Prangin and hang out ALONE right? It'll be rather pathetic and lame. So please God, make the Friday Redbox or Gurney plan a success before I starts getting fungus all over me.

If you want to know how boring I am at home, think of this. I find the Pasar Malam at my place tonight is rather interesting and I shall go tonight. The pasar malam that people don't go. I mean it is not happening and seriously, not fun. You can finish walking around in just 30 minutes. You can go down at 9.30p.m and get everything by 10.00 p.m. That is how boring it is and because I don't have other better place to go, I am considering that a brilliant plan. And maybe I should go to my aunt's tonight. And then get her to bring me out tomorrow. How's that plan? Another brilliant one. Boring people does all the stupid things.

Something is missing and for me, it is everyone's enthusiasm. I mean where does all those I-want-to-shop-and-buy-lots-of-stuff spirit gone to? Where are all the transports when you most needed them? Where are all the hang out plans? I mean do my other friends have plans with their family or are they rotting at home just like me? I doubt that. So please, spare some time for me and bring me out! I so need a life right now.

ps: Luckily I am still sane despite all those boring worms around me or I will name my house lizard and make them my friends. The thought of it gives me goosebumps. Maybe I should pull a trick on someone. Hey, I should go to my aunt's tonight and make her play badminton with me. It would be fun. Yay! I am a happy girl. >=) I so need to do something fun.


weiwei said...

u are considered lucky coz it's just a week holiday. imagine me rotting at home for weeks or perhaps a month during our last semester hols. very suffering. cheer up!

Mrs Chong said... bout me rotting during the after form5 holidays.. 6 months leh..*held head up-background music: Survivor started playing* hahaha..maciam very proud of being rot at home pulak...kekeke...but yea.. I SO NEED TO BREATHE FRESH AIR!!!!

weiwei said...

okok. u win u win. hahahahah. anyway, hope u have a good day tomorrow!

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