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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Easy distracted.

You don't walk in and out of my room when I am studying. You don't open my door and let me listen to the tv outside my room. I can't study like that. I am a very weak creature. I can't resist temptation so you don't do that to me. So yes, I have just been distracted and I am going to bed after bathing. That reminds me of the water tap running in the toilet. I think the place where we put the water and wait till it is filled up has overflowed and that means if I don't go now, I am wasting water and I will be a cat in my next life. I don't want to be a cat.

ps: PA Kenegaraan is killing me. I am so dead and so gonna be a cat. TT


weiwei said...

why cat? puppy is cuter!

Mrs Chong said...

because waste water=cat
puppy I dunno muz do wat ni can become.. =(

ItchyHandseng said...

since when waste water will become cat 1?

Mrs Chong said...

dunno...mummy and ah ma say one...hor...lie me...cis..

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