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Friday, March 09, 2007

What's life without friends like them?

Note: Now I believe that over spending does makes your pants burn a hole. I had to actually pretend to read messages on my handphone and laugh to myself stupidly because of some view I saw in Metrojaya *Island Plaza* today. This guy was paying for some kids stuff he had to buy because the wife was pregnant. And when I was waiting for my turn to pay, I saw this guy's pocket really terkoyak a little one. Haha. I know it is lame but I just can't control myself. I really need a good laugh afterall.

Okay. Back to the topic I posted. What will life be without friends like them? No offence to other friend I have but these people showed me the true meaning of "a friend in need is a friend indeed". I won't deny the fact that my friends had been there for me through my ups and downs and I may have forgetten it and that is the reason why I am so overwhelmed with these bunch of peoples' action. I have to blog this down just in case I forget it in future. These people I shall mention here in my blog is none other than Ah Shan, Cheng Ling, Yi Lin and Swee Win. Others are real nice people too. But these 4 people will be featured in my blog today because of the time I spent with them lately and the help I got from them. Other friends, don't go drink the vinegar and don't angry with me alright? I will blog down everything I can think of okay?

Okay, let's start with Shan Shan and Cheng Ling. These two people made me so touched, I can cry like right now. It was the incident before our Econs paper yesterday. I was eating happily in the canteen until Ah Shan reminded me that I forgot to get my pen. So I rushed to the ko-op and Ah Shan and Cheng Ling actually had to put the glass for me. So I was in there, strugling to get the pens. When I got them, the line gave me a shock. It was so long and it wasn't moving at all. The teacher was rather slow and I was kind of panic because my watch shows that it is 10.40 a.m already and I am having another paper in 10minutes. Any other friend would probably be up in class waiting for the teacher already, but no, in my despair, I saw Shan Shan and Cheng Ling looking for me. They did not come with me and it is rather logical for them to go straight to class as it is almost time. That got me thinking, what I would do if I were them. In addition to that, they actually tried to find ways to cut line so that I can pay faster and yes, we managed to cut some lines thanks to Cheng Ling and her sister, Cheng Yee. I was so touched when that happened. Really, thank you. You guys gave me reason to trust in people again and actually gave me a place to lean on when I am tired *bear with my weight alright? =) * Another incident to that would be the toilet thing where they waited for me although the paper is about to start already. Any other friend would have returned to class. Seriously. And they helped me a lot in my studies too.

Yi Lin. She was the pillar for me to lean on and someone I can totally trust to make the whole 'Khemah Berhias' thing a success. She did all the work and was a great leader, I am a not-so-bad co-leader. I enjoyed doing things with her because she has great determination and she motivates me in a way or another. She is not like some people who would say that these things are stupid and we should just do it cincai-ly. So cheers for Mahsuri n Yi Lin. XD

Next would be that gila Ah Win that I mix with every day. She is the reason I got stomach ache cause of laughing. She is another great pal. She helped me when I was stuck with two manila card, a marker and few color pens. We actually did some simple banner and I think she did the most work. She was there to help me and make me less worried. She is always there to lend me a hand, cheer me up, make me angry and every other crazy things. She was there when I am alone in Gurney waiting for my sis to finish her gym, she was there when I wanted to celebrate New Year Eve but alone. She was there when I need to finish the banner kemerdekaan. So was Shan. They are like people I can depend and trust and actually lean on. I am glad I met them and I hope they will be my friends forever and ever and ever.



Anonymous said...

Ping instead of u crying u made me sob
that is what friends are for rite...true friends will be there for you when u need them...without any further question... u also help me alot mah...friends must always tolong-menolong eh mah...i will always be there for u when u need anyone to talk too...
thanks for being my friend 2...hehe...

-aH sHaN-

Mrs Chong said...

hehe..sayang emoshan lor..really shan,glad to know u guys..u everyday tell me u not tht good..but itz not how u say it,itz ur action that shows it. thanks for alwiz being here.. XD I enjoy talking to u..ah shan my MSN partner..hehe..

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