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Friday, March 23, 2007

My Birthday List. *updated*

Well, since my birthday is like in a fortnight, I am sure my lovely friends and family would love to know what I want for my birthday. Right? Right? I am not a girl who knows what is branded things and what is not. As long as I like it, then I will like it already.

Let me start the list la. Let's not get everyone waiting. Ok. Prepare a paper and a pen and start writing this down. =) You will need the list when you go shopping okay? XD
1. The Fahrenheit Book RM 39.90 from Popular. But I decided to make it my Mid Year Reward gift. So can cancel this out. =P
2. The hokkien book. The one got proverbs one. RM 20++, MPH
3. Ang Pow *lots of them*
4. Surprises
5. Lots of love and huggies.
6. One nice and a bit more expensive one bag.
7. Birthday party with loved ones *friends and family*
8. Something that comes from the heart.

Okay, I shall keep the other stuff for other occasions. Don't laugh at my list. I really can't think of anything that I really want but can't get. I don't obsess with things unless of course its celebrity things. =) Actually, I am a lonely girl. I need love from friends and family more than anything in this world. =)

CD List.
1. Lin Yu Zhong's In the Rain
2. Eric Lim's Left Side.
3. The Prince Yul one. John Hoon
4. the list goes on...


Pao Pao said...

cis..write out the list d..can i owe u first..give u when i go back..coz susah wanna get u things here ...and susah wanna send back..but i will give u lotsa hugs and kisses ya..

Ping Ping said...

heheheheh..yea yea...just in case u din ask... XD u surely plan not to ask when i told u i wanted to think of what i want as a gift...heee

vegemaster said...

wow..such a long list~
haha...happy birthday any~


CheNsEnG said...

hahah give u birthday kiss can?hahaha jkjk.whenzz ur bday?

Ping Ping said...

my birthday not yet reach..bout two weeks from now... 7th April... =)

Anonymous said...

Haha...i'tt try 2 get one for u...lolx...
hopefully ur bday will be a memorable one...
Love ya...

-aH sHaN-