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Friday, March 23, 2007

My Birthday List. *updated*

Well, since my birthday is like in a fortnight, I am sure my lovely friends and family would love to know what I want for my birthday. Right? Right? I am not a girl who knows what is branded things and what is not. As long as I like it, then I will like it already.

Let me start the list la. Let's not get everyone waiting. Ok. Prepare a paper and a pen and start writing this down. =) You will need the list when you go shopping okay? XD
1. The Fahrenheit Book RM 39.90 from Popular. But I decided to make it my Mid Year Reward gift. So can cancel this out. =P
2. The hokkien book. The one got proverbs one. RM 20++, MPH
3. Ang Pow *lots of them*
4. Surprises
5. Lots of love and huggies.
6. One nice and a bit more expensive one bag.
7. Birthday party with loved ones *friends and family*
8. Something that comes from the heart.

Okay, I shall keep the other stuff for other occasions. Don't laugh at my list. I really can't think of anything that I really want but can't get. I don't obsess with things unless of course its celebrity things. =) Actually, I am a lonely girl. I need love from friends and family more than anything in this world. =)

CD List.
1. Lin Yu Zhong's In the Rain
2. Eric Lim's Left Side.
3. The Prince Yul one. John Hoon
4. the list goes on...


reddaisie said...

cis..write out the list d..can i owe u first..give u when i go back..coz susah wanna get u things here ...and susah wanna send back..but i will give u lotsa hugs and kisses ya..

Mrs Chong said...

heheheheh..yea yea...just in case u din ask... XD u surely plan not to ask when i told u i wanted to think of what i want as a gift...heee

sadsarcasm said...

wow..such a long list~
haha...happy birthday any~


ItchyHandseng said...

hahah give u birthday kiss can?hahaha jkjk.whenzz ur bday?

Mrs Chong said...

my birthday not yet reach..bout two weeks from now... 7th April... =)

Anonymous said...

Haha...i'tt try 2 get one for u...lolx...
hopefully ur bday will be a memorable one...
Love ya...

-aH sHaN-

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