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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What would you do

without friends like them? Haha, I tell you, I have so many friends who will brighten up my days without them realizing. Seriously. I just remembered one of the incident that occured some time back which I casually dump them behind all those other memories I had without blogging them. Have you guys heard of this mind testing questions? They will ask all sort of weird weird questions to test the efficiency of your mind be it big or small. Some come with super lame and cold answers.

So I started asking
Ping : Which mouse walks on two legs?
Friend : . . . .
Ping : Mickey Mouse la.
Friend : *smiles and think over the question plus answer*
Ping : One more question. Which duck walks on two legs?
Friend : *grins* Ah-ha, I know this one. DONALD DUCK LA!!! *still smiling without realizing her own mistake*
Ping : *taps her on the shoulder* All ducks walk on two legs. =.="
*friends laughing in the background. She laughed too. *

So the funny thing is not that she couldn't answer that tricky questions but the way she thought she definately got it right this time. It was cute and really funny to see her acting like that. Looks like a small baby girl. Heh. =) I am smiling now because of that. Thanks to her.

ps: Some part of the tak seberapa banyak one scene was re-acted by me. If there is a slight difference, harap maaf okay?


Old Beng said...

I like this mouse duck joke, can I re-post it in my blog later?

Mrs Chong said...

sure... =) oh btw,one last day b4 cha-bo-lang comes go go jia you.. =)

weiwei said...

what van can be eaten?

van houten.


Old Beng said...

Kam siah and I shall share my 2 riddles with you:

Q: What do you call a deer that cannot see?
A: No idea (No Eye Deer)

Q: What do you call a deer that cannot see and cannot move?
A: Still no idea.

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