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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kill Me Please *updated*

for being so stupid. I still have no idea why am I helping that friend when I seriously don’t enjoy helping him. Is it so hard to say no or busy? I am so dead tired right now. How I wish he is a little bit more considerate and respect me for a person. I am sick and tired of being used. I mean I am not a caller tunes seller or caller tunes activator. He can easily access the caller tunes thing through *128# . I am getting more and more frustrated, with myself and with him. I mean it is enough that I have to activate for him and buy songs for him. Now I even have to do it for his friends. Who is he to go around telling people that he can find someone who can do it? If you are my friend, I will definitely help you if I can. But now I am like doing it for the whole kampung or something. It is not a good feeling you know? I feel so used because he will only come and talk to me when he needs me to help him with this “caller tunes business”. After that, he will disappear and when I need help, he will just say he don’t know. I am seriously thinking bout changing my number once again and try to run away from this whole stupid thing. Please let me complete my Form 6 and then leave Penang to somewhere further. At least I can change my number, I can find myself back. And I would be so occupied, I won’t even have time to layan him. Ah Shan, Ah Win, you guys better ask me out during holidays or else I would have so much time helping him and I don’t want to have that kind of time. Please kill me cause I think I just helped him to purchase 5 songs which of course he is paying. I am not that stupid yet. And I am suppose to study, not online. I promise Ah Shan and here I am, onlining because I need to help him. Can God just let him have his own computer back so that I get away from all these? Please send him someone who knows how to use computer too. Preferably a girlfriend so that he can stop bugging me. I need my freedom back. Wow, I am saying like I am in prison. Exaggerating is my second language. Haha. I don’t use sarcasm.

And enough is enough. This will be the last time I help him. Because as soon as I finished helping him, he did not even bother to say thank you. I had to message him and ask him is everything okay because I want to off my computer to prevent myself from onlining and what he said was "Yes, my handphone also no battery already." NO BATTERY! Like I want to message him. Who was the one asking people to do so many things and took up so much of people's time? This would be the last time I am helping him. If I help him again, I will kill myself. Seriously. I am so pissed with myself for being so useless and not able to stand up for myself. I will take all the blame for actually taking him as a friend. I will take all the blame for being stupid enough to reply him and I will take all the blame for being a total idiot. But I am growing out from that I-am-so-nice-you-can-ask-for-my-help-and-don't-appreciate-them image. That's it. Today he has crossed the line and there's no way I am going to forgive him even if he worship me with sio tu kia. I am not gonna be an idiot forever am I? No, I am not! I don't have a friend like him and having him as a friend was a stupid mistake. LEE BOON HOOI is dead to me. I am done.

Whoever who anti Ping Ping can start planning on ways to kill her. I think she just helped that friend to buy another callertunes and she deserve to be shot on the head and her meat to be thrown into the sea for the fishes to feast on. Let's get the party started *for the fish that is* =(
To those who love her,please give her some suggestion on how to say "No" =)

*double updated*
I hate myself for still helping him despite what happened. Perhaps I thought it was not his fault and I should not blame him completely. However, this is not the case now. Let bygones be bygones. The thing now is that I am helping a guy who doesn't even appreciates it. I told him that this year is a very crucial year for me and that I do not have time fixing all his caller tunes problem what more his friend's and the only thing he said was, "Ok, thx lo." I mean what type of reply is that after someone actually helped you to do so many things? Is it so hard to say a proper thanks? Is it so hard to actually show your appreciation? What is "thx lo"? "Thx lo" to me is very insincere. Why do the "lo" has to be there? I am so disappointed with myself, I can't bring myself to think of what I would do if I were in real bad mood. Perhaps because it is him, I didn't want to quarrel or make a big fuss. Perhaps if its another person, I would have burst long ago. His oh-so-good image is already down the drain and there is no turning back. Perhaps once upon a time he was a real nice person to me but that nice person is gone now. I am glad "he" is gone. This one year has been a good one and I think life will continues to be better each day. I shall go and take a long bath, go to study until 10.30 p.m and then sleep. I need a fresh new start for tomorrow's paper. He is no longer worth all the pain and the late-night-thinking.

How can someone turn into someone you don't know as though whatever happened before this was just a nightmare or merely a show? It's as though he is not the person we used to know. I suppose life is like that. Humans are like that. We just have to learn to handle the changes

** I couldn't take it anymore and sent a very angry message to him and tell him that I don't like to help his friends and I need a life myself and that life is not gonna revolve around him anymore, so stop asking me to do things like it is my job. And he said NVM LO despite my angry message. He needs someone to tell him when another person is super duper angry I suppose. Or perhaps he is acting stupid. I don't care. I need a life of my own. So goodbye "Mr-Nice-Guy". I am still a very nice girl. Can still ask for my help. Just don't step my tail and you treat me right, I would definately won't be cruel to you. XD Econs tomorrow. Study time. Ah Shan, paiseh hah? Mummy on computer so I come in a while lor. Now go study d. Online 15 minutes nia. Good leh?


ItchyHandseng said...

Hello so called 'sister'.Can download ringtones for me?hahaha
jkjk.Mom showed me ur blog.So after reading i mah come comment comment abit lor.You dun mind right?

Anonymous said... chen seng comment langsung tidak berkaitan wif da blog....(no offence)...perli ppl nia gt la...i don't see any wise response also...haihz...u wrote d mind also kenot la...
btw ping dun be so mad k..anyway is over since u helped him d..juz 4get d time try not 2 repeat ur mistake d lo...cheer up ya....

-aH sHan-

ItchyHandseng said...

Aiks Mom Scold.I'm not old enough to be wise mar.Still dun have white hair.Anywayzz there is nth wrong in helping ppl ar.Why wan to kill you?if wan also kill him first mah.Maybe i will kill mom first,alwayzz shoot me nia.jkjk

Mrs Chong said...

chenseng...hehe..i don't download ringtones, I download callertunes. Got charges d called "brother"..hehe..

Ah Shan..yea.. Actually after I was so angry, the next day I am alright d..Probably because I am stress cause of school things also.. Tht's y ni can burst one la.. U noe me lar..hehe..I am alright d but I will leave him alone..better dun apologize, I don't wanna get into trouble again..hehe

Mrs Chong said...

chen seng: because I know I am stupid to do things for the whole kampung during my exam period and I am still doing it without letting him know tht I am not liking it. But in the end heh, he kena teruk teruk la. I cannot tahan d and I am stressed cause of exam d. too bad. XD

ItchyHandseng said...

haha.So next time dun keep it in you.Just tell him watever u dun like la.I think like that better than u KO him with ur super powers when u cannot tahan .haha

Anonymous said...

Dats good if u r ok...hehe....
maybe u rite...stress wif all the test n tak sempat do revision..anyway is over...we need 2 pia 4 our mid year pula...

-aH sHaN-

Mrs Chong said...

chen seng: hahah..yea...kesian la..bad mood + stress + kena kacau punya potion memang hard to tahan..hehee...I think he didn't really care la..cuz he just replied NVM LA...swt...I almost kek si..haha..

Ah Shan: yea yea..let's not do last minute work..make ppl break down nia..

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