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Friday, March 23, 2007

Bad luck yang melimpah-limpah

This week was an eventful week. Everything was "interesting" and very depressing. I am now typing from my sis's laptop and I hate to type on laptops because I can't type properly like how I uses the big keyboard. Anyway, 1st I had to study the whole bab of kenegaraan as there's presentation and teacher might ask questions. Then I went to school only to find out that we were getting injections. Our Hepatitis B 3rd jab. I hate injections and I am terrified of it. Though it may not hurt, the wait can kill me already. I just can't stand there and wait for my turn with the thoughts of the needle going into my hand. Still, we took it and it was alright. Then I had to wait for days and it is still not my turn for MUET speaking. My turn should be 1st few. Unfortunately, due to some problem, teacher pushed my group to behind and now I am waiting in fear for my turn every single day.

And I thought my so called bad luck is gone. To my dismay, IT IS SO NOT GONE! I came home to find my computer not working. I called my sis's bf and he told me, my hard disk died. It DIED! With all my pictures and songs in it. With all my Wu Ke Qun pictures, my Daniel Lee's things, my avatars, my poems, my Superstars pictures, my links, everything. How can it die on me without telling me? And the smart me did not save any of my things elsewhere. Just in my computer and nowhere else. I feel that half of my life is gone because I keep all those pictures in them and cleverly labelled them so that I can find them easily next time. Now, nothing is in there anymore. All those pictures I edited *though not done professionally*, all those pictures I loved, all gone. I need to go around asking from people when my computer is ok. Some people might think aiya, over acting nia. Hard disk spoil only mar. No, IT IS NOT OK FOR MY HARD DISK TO DIE ON ME!! =( I am so down lately. You can even start calling me Emo Ping. Unfortunately, it is copyrighted for Emo Shan.

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