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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Movies or dramas

I just don't understand the dramas on TV nowadays. Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan , Korean..ah...all chinese dramas are the same actually. Ok, I admit lack of outdoor activities drives me nuts and thus that explains the conversations I had with my TV *my TV is a multi-talented one just like the owner =p * during those shows. Let's just raise up a common story line in these dramas. Its bout love actually. So there are few similarity I saw in these drama and I was so darn free, I can sit there and watch and watch one drama after another for the past 4 days and I can conclude that I've seen enough. I am so glad I won't be watching TV after I return to school cause this black square thing is getting on my nerves at some point.

1. The guys.
This guy will happen to love this girl after they mingle around long enough. And they happen to be married under some lame reason that they themselves disagree to in the beginning. It is still alright but somehow this guy despite getting married to someone else just happen to fail miserably in telling his ex-girlfriend that he is already attached. I mean I don't care la if you still loves that ex-girlfriend but you are now a married man or you began to like some other girls, you have to set things straight so as not to hurt the new or the old one any further. I know its almost impossible to do it in real life but then isn't running away from the reality hurts even more? And when he falls in love with the current girl he is with, he can't get his multi-million diamond coated mouth open to let her know. He just has to keep his gold mouth shut and see the girl he likes suffer. Even worst, when he found out that the ex-girlfriend's existance is hurting the girl he likes in one way or another, he never and I shall repeat NEVER keep a distance away from that ex.

2. The ex.
What is the use of having a guy when his heart is not with you? Do you feel happy seeing someone you love suffering? Do you think you can give him happiness if you keep him with you though you know he loves someone else? How can you give him happiness? You tell me. Money? Come on, get real. I find these ex-es work harder than any other actress or actors in the show. Why? Because they have to act so real that people around them hates them and they have to act so bitchy to gain popularity as the erm....bitch. True enough without these people, the show won't continues. But how come I see such people in real life? If the guy has lost feelings to you , you just to walk away with dignity. We, girls have pride too. Why must you cling on to the guy so tightly that he begans to feel suffocated and hates you? If you let him go, at least you can still see him smile and be his friend. The wounds will heal and you will find someone new. Your Mr. Right will be the one who never gives up on you. If he does, he is not the one anyway. So move on and keep ur head high. At least the boyfriend will respect you. Love is not about having him but is to see him happy. Yeah, easier to be said than done but hey, I can assure you, some girls did it so why can't you?

3. The new girlfriend.
Adakah patut you believe the ex who detest you like dirts and not the one you love. I mean at some point you have to believe somebody else other than that guy so as not to be blinded with lies that he might or might not tell. But then believing the ex is a complete no-no. Why would you think that she wants the best for you and your boyfriend. Especially when you know that she has tried so many ways to get him back and she hates you a lot. And there you were, crying your hearts out because of something that ex said and turn a cold shoulder to your beloved. You get the viewers so frustrated, they just wish the ex got that guy back. If that guy is a good one, based on how you feel bout him since the beginning, these problems are not problems at all.

4. The friends beside.
He wants to marry her or not, is his problem. Can you just stay away? Else, you marry her la. So smart. Then everything settle la. Why go hit the guy and spoil ur friendship? Some even stop being friends because of one girl. Is this worth it? So you think you have made the wrong choice of being his friends for the past like 20 years just because he impregnant this girl he doesn't love by mistake and you happen to like that girl who doesn't like you one bit?Plus, is the aunt the only sane one? I mean how can someone know she is pregnant in like 3 weeks after they slept together? You guys are so blinded with love or did your country not taught you that 3 weeks will not tell if someone is pregnant or not? Thank god they brought up that issue if not, I would die laughing because there were how many people in the process? 10 at least? And no one realize that stupid excuse the girl made.

And some actress, they are very suitable to act as the bad guy/girl. For example, those who watched M&M. That show, that actress, I never liked her. Despite how they say she is cute and pretty, I find her very very er not ngam my eyes. I don't know why but every time I see her on screen, whether she is acting as the good one or the bad one, I still dislike her. To her fans, don't come and kill me. I am not saying that she is not pretty but I just don't like her. My own personal liking only alright? No offence to the fans.

ps: Above are just my ramblings because I am so bored, I am rotting to death and I began to talk to my computer now, like talking to the television is not terrible enough. I think I am losing my mind so I am going to my aunt's place for the night to get my head back. I seriously need to go out. So bring me out. Please.

pps: I found out that girl's name but I don't want to name her here just in case her fans found this place and start killing me with words. Though I am sure I don't have that much power. Besides seeing her in the M&M show and not hating her, i don't like her in most of her drama. And don't come up with the crap that I am jealous cause she is pretty cause if that's the case, I would be hating lots of other pretty actress. =) Decided to change the show name as well and post up her picture instead. Avoid getting killed for no reason la. Ok with reason but very boh tat one reason.

ppps: Please enlighten me with answers for this question. Are all guys as stated in #1? I find the actors are given the same attitude towards love for almost every drama. Does it reflect on the guys' attitude in reality?


Anonymous said...

y u dun like her leh.. cheh ..nonit to tell here la..
im one of her fans ok..
btw u mean tht girl in tht pic ryt?

Mrs Chong said...

yes...tht girl on the pic...I just state my own preference mar.. THIS IS MY BLOG OKAY?? XD

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