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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wonders Of The World.

Note: We should respect people the way we want them to respect us and never ever treat people like some useless crap. On the second thought, someone is treating me like that and I began to lose the faith and reason to still be his friend. But I can't say no when he ask for my help. Mind you, he only comes to me when he needs me to help him and let me tell you. That feeling sucks and I can't do anything bout it. Call me silly but I do it because I hate to turn people down. Not because of anything else that you might think of.


Well..Most of the wonders of the world are those that make the world proud like the 7 wonders of the world.. Make that 8 including me. =P However, the wonders of the world that I want to talk about is not something that make us proud. Those wonders of the world that I am talking about is the beggars and the syndicate behind it. I went Farlim Pasar Malam last night to just shop around and wash my eyes. Shopping is suppose to be an activity whereby we enjoy every single minute and second of it, even if we don't get anything. But why do some people just have to ruin it? There were 3 beggars,crawling and practically doing some "commander-crawl" on the floor and "kao tao-ing" to people so that people will give them some money. The "wonderful" part to this is that they actually have the exact same pose,same way of asking money and they appear at the same area, at the same time. Coincidence? No? I don't think so. They can actually be at the night market site although they can't walk (well,I did mention they crawl right?) and there's lots of drain everywhere. How can someone who can't walk cross those drains and roads? Don't give me bullshit ideas like they can crawl all the way there or passers-by help them. I don't buy that. I believe there is a syndicate behind all these and they amputate these people so that they can get donations from other people.

Some people say that even the amputation are fake. I chose to believe that they are real and these unfortunate people are being abused or exploited to work for these cruel creature. The floor were full of dust,rubbish, and worst still, rocks. How can they treat a human like that? Even by walking there, I got my whole feet dirty with the dust. How can you want them to smell those dust? Is it right to do so? Isn't it against the law? Why aren't the police do something 'bout it? What are those people doing? I am sure someone would have seen who brought these people to the site. Surely someone witness this whole incident. Why aren't we doing anything to help them? Isn't it one of the wonders of the world? We may help many people but why aren't we doing something to stop these beggars? We can provide them shelter,provide them food. We can contribute to let them have a proper place to stay. Not giving them RM1 or RM2. Even if you give them RM100, you are not helping them. You are just letting those syndicate knows that they are making profit and more innocent lives will be harmed. I am so depressed 'bout this. Furthermore, Xu Wei Lun's funeral is today and I suddenly feel that life is so fragile. Anytime might be my time. There's still so many things I wish to achieve, so many things I want to do. In addition to that, Cheng Ling was talking about Armageddon and I feel that I don't want to leave just yet. I know these has not been on my mind for a long time and yes, it disturbs me and it makes me feel sad and down. That is why ah win keep complaining that I am not as cheerful as I was the past few days.

Apart from that, I can't believe Christian is out. My sisters and I believe that he lied to let Hafiz continue with the journey. We love him and yes, I love guys who are cute,funny and kind-hearted. Not some handsome ang mo kau who can't speak english properly or some arabian-face looking guy who is handsome and nothing else. So Christian, I still like you. XD

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